3 Types of Lighting For Your Home

Types of Lighting in Murrieta

types of lightingThree essential types of lighting are Ambient, Task and Accent, sometimes called the triple crown of interior illumination. Each of these types of lighting is needed to create a mood that elevates a space merely from good to great.

Whether ambient, task, accent or a combination of all three types of lighting is present, each serves its own purpose to make your home more functional, to evoke a mood and to add drama and contrast to particular elements.

The three main types of lighting are general, which provides basic light for the room; task lighting, which highlights a specific work area; and accent lighting, which can create a focal point in the room.

Ambient, Task, & Accent: 3 Types of Lighting You Need to Know

You flip a switch and ta-da! Light! Seems pretty simple, right? Well, if you’re redecorating your home or doing renovations, you’ve likely come across these three different types of lighting: ambient, task, and accent. Understanding the differences in these types of lighting will help you optimize your new space and present your home furnishings in the best possible glow!

Best Ambient Lighting from Kirkland's

What is ambient lighting?

Ambient lighting is your most common type of lighting. The American Lighting Association (ALA) (yes, there’s really an American Lighting Association), says that this lighting is known as “general lighting.” It provides enough light for you to see, walk around, and take care of daily life in your home. It’s not bright enough that you experience a glare, but also not dim enough that you bump into things or have to squint to see what you’re doing. See more here

All of the above types of lighting can be layered in a space to offer functionality within a room, but also an inviting and pleasing environment.

How to Pick out Home Lighting for Your Apartment

The home lighting that you have in your apartment contributes to the ambiance just as much as the decor that you have hanging on your walls. Each room in your apartment can benefit from new light fixtures. Here are some tips to guide you through the process of choosing lighting fixtures for your apartment:

Consider the Bulb You’re Using

Switching your current bulb for a compact fluorescent not only saves energy, doing so offers a more decorative touch to your apartment. CFL bulbs can give any room in your apartment an intimate glow to set the mood for a warm and welcoming space. Full list here

The first thing to remember with regards to proper home lighting tips is to take into account the needs of the people who are living in a particular home.

Lighting Tips For Less Eye Strain And Better Visibility

Good Lighting Is Even More Crucial For Those With Low Vision

In general, lighting needs to increase as you age. Research shows that a 60-year-old needs almost twice as much light to see as a 30-year-old!

Lighting is even more important for those with low vision. People with macular degeneration, glaucoma and other vision conditions should consult with their eye doctor about specific lighting improvements they can make in their homes to improve visibility.

See Things In A New Light

Believe it or not, small changes can make a big difference! The right kind of lighting can improve our reading ability, create a more noticeable difference in colors and prevent eye strain. Make some of these small changes and we promise, you’ll start seeing things in a whole new light! Read more here.

Investing in other types of lighting is a must

While it could be argued that some types of lighting are more important than others, in order to have a fully functional, beautifully decorated luxurious home you would have to implore the help of all the types of lighting. These types of lighting are investments with higher than normal upfront costs, but rebates may be available from your energy provider and of course, energy savings and very minimal replacement concerns make them attractive.

A well-designed lighting installation will provide optimum lighting where it’s needed with due regard to the task and ambience required, reducing the installation of fittings when not required. Our indoor lighting installation service is comprehensive and thorough because we want the absolute best for your home. You reach us here: (951) 805-1262.

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