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How Safe Are Counterfeit Phone Chargers?

The Danger Of A Counterfeit Phone Chargers In Murrieta!

How Safe Are Counterfeit Phone Chargers?Counterfeit phone chargers are dangerous and may damage your equipment. The fact that distinguishing between safe and unsafe counterfeit phone chargers is not easy, and that whether or not you should replace your charger is in the end up to you. The plugs included with the counterfeit phone chargers are also fake and easily identifiable.

A counterfeit phone chargers are now one of the main fake electrical products entering and have given some people electric shocks or even started fires. Counterfeit phone chargers are bad, but there are still many third party manufacturers that are far cheaper and just as good as Apples. Counterfeit phone chargers are also known to be unsafe due to cheaper parts and lower quality control. READ MORE…