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What Are Clamp Meters Used For?

How Helpful Are Clamp Meters In Murrieta Homes?

What Are Clamp Meters Used For?Clamp meters is an electrical meter with integral AC current clamp. Another main aspect of clamp meters is the ability to attach the instrument to the line being tested without the need to disconnect the cable first. The large, illuminated, dual display on the clamp meters is easy to see in poorly-lit job sites and features a 4-digit (6,000 counts) readout complemented by a bar graph display.

Calibration of clamp meters is a mainstay of many electrical calibration laboratories, but understanding the errors associated with the calibration of clamp meters can be daunting. Clamp meters is designed for electrical inspections, making it easier to take measurements around multiple conductors, crowded panels, tight switch gears, large bus bars and wire bundles. Today’s clamp meters are capable of measuring both AC and dc voltage. READ MORE…