Summer Energy Saving Tips

A Summer Energy Saving Tips In Murrieta Homes

Summer Energy Saving TipsSummer energy saving tips are designed to help you cut your electricity bill. Summer energy saving tips will protect wallets, help save the Earth, and keep everyone cool during the hot months. One of the top energy-saving tips is to focus on the insulation of your home.

All of these summer energy saving tips are a great way to save money in your home! One of the easiest and least expensive energy saving tips is maintaining your HVAC system. One of the most common energy saving tips is to make sure your home is well-insulated.

Cutting your energy bills with our energy saving tips is just one of the ways we can help you cut down your expenditure and ease your financial burdens.

Summer is Coming: Tips to Keep Your Home Cool and Your Wallet Comfortable

With cooling season fast approaching, it’s not too early to take steps to make sure your home will be comfortable without wasting energy—or overheating your wallet—as the temperature rises.

And thanks to new energy efficiency standards either proposed or on track to be strengthened by the U.S. Department of Energy, you’ll soon be able to buy new cooling appliances that are even smarter about using energy.

Just last week, for example, DOE proposed the first-ever efficiency standards for standalone, portable air conditioners. Updated standards are expected to be finalized this summer for ceiling fans and dehumidifiers and the rules for room air conditioners are due to be updated next year. Meanwhile, an agreement for minimum efficiency standards for new central air conditioners and heat pumps was negotiated earlier this year.

All of this means that when it’s time to purchase new cooling equipment, you can be assured it meets certain performance criteria while saving money and energy. Read more here.

One of the most important factors in summer energy saving tips is the shutting off properly of the leaky doors and windows with the help of weatherstrips, seals and placing foam gaskets at suitable places.

Energy Saving Tips For Summer

The sun is barely in the sky, yet the heat index is already soaring. Your plans for giving the air conditioner a rest have gone out the window, along with any ideas you had for walking to work, exercising outdoors or opening the windows for a cool breeze. It’s just too hot!

If you’re finding it difficult to stay cool while keeping your carbon footprint small this summer, we’ve found a few tips and ideas for easing up on your energy usage until the weather breaks.

  1. If you’re lucky enough to live in a place where the weather actually cools down once the sun sets, late in the afternoon, turn off your thermostat and crack your windows for some natural ventilation and a cool cross breeze.
  2. Have you heard about those folks who live in the desert drinking hot tea to cool off? It works! The hot beverage brings your body’s core temperature up and when there’s not such an extreme difference between your internal furnace and the temperature around you, the more comfortable you’ll feel. See more here.

Whether a household is taking more showers or running the air conditioning for longer, summer energy saving tips can ensure homeowners aren’t left out-of-pocket this hot season.

Benefits of Energy Efficiency

People spend 80 – 90% of their time indoors – at work, school and home. An efficient building maintains moderate temperatures, low humidity and increased air quality. Plus energy efficient buildings use less energy and cost less to operate and produce fewer greenhouse gasses, which is good for you and the environment.

Improve indoor comfort and keep those toes warm!

A model energy efficiency building controls the flow of air, heat and moisture. Insulation, ENERGY STAR® certified windows, and air sealing work to keep the air inside the building warm and dry. Mechanical ventilation systems (fans, heat recovery ventilators and air exchangers on heating systems) circulate the internal air as well as expel unwanted moisture and other pollutants. Properly sized, high-efficiency furnaces or boilers use less energy to heat buildings and, by controlling the air flow throughout the building, minimize the occurrences of hot and cold spots across all rooms.

Save money on energy bills

Improving your home or building’s energy efficiency will save you money. For example, the average homeowner participating in the LiveSmart BC grant program will reduce energy use by approximately 30 percent, providing financial savings of $600 on a $2000 annual heating bill. Check full article here.

Summer Energy Saving Tips Are Essential

One of the best summer energy saving tips is to set your thermostat for when you are home and away. The above-mentioned energy saving tips are the some of the best tips for saving on energy prices while ensuring a comfortable life. Apart from retaining heat, the energy saving tips are simple and are mostly maintenance chores that should be done anyhow.

While it can be difficult to break old habits, most energy saving tips are not hard to implement or even remember for that matter. What summer energy saving tips do you use in your homes to help keep cool and keep your electricity bills down in the hotter months? Most energy saving tips can be done with minimal effort, call us here: (951) 805-1262.

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