Solar Power versus Generator – The Choice

Which Is The Best Solar Power Versus Generator In Murrieta?

Solar Power versus Generator - the ChoiceThe cost of solar power versus generator is much less over the long term. The initial cost of a solar power system will be greater than that of a generator system. This is often the reason people install a generator rather than choose solar power. One must look beyond the initial cost, however, to get the full comparison of solar power versus generator.

Solar power versus generator, solar power, once installed, has little maintenance or further expense. There is no fuel to purchase, since the sun’s energy fuels the system. Generators are not so, after installation, a generator will require regular servicing by a professional every 6 months. Generators require fuel  a cost that is constantly increasing. Moving generator parts must be replaced from time to time due to wear and tear.Convenience is another factor to consider when looking at solar power versus generator power, solar power is much more convenient than generator power.

Solar Power – Energy from the Sun

Imagine a place, where everything from cars to homes and industries are powered by solar energy. Where the air is pure. Energy costs nothing. Power shortages are history. Man is finally at peace with the environment. Dangerous escalating pollution levels, depleting natural resources and out of control fuel prices, the world is looking to the skies for the solution.

The answer lies in tapping the unlimited, clean, eco-friendly energy of the sun. The sun is the key to the existence of life on the earth. It has been there for billions of years and continuously shooting its solar energy in our direction. The sun continues to warm our planet and we need to find some more efficient ways to harness it’s energy to full potential.

This energy has to be harnessed by technology in order to be converted into something that is usable by mankind. There are two types of solar technology that can be used to do this, one referred to as passive, the other active. Active solar energy trap light from the sun and then perform some action by producing the current for eg: Solar Panels. Passive solar energy simply trap solar energy for e.g.: GreenHouse. Read more here.

Generators are widely available, so convenient to purchase and install. Convenience decreases after installation, though.

How Generators Work

There are many ways to build alternating current (AC) generators. WINCO is one of a few generator manufacturers to build most design types. Each design is selected for the correct mix of performance, power, weight, size, durability, motor starting ability and user preference for the environment and application that the generator will be used in. This document provides a basic understanding of how generators produce electricity and some of the different design types available.

Generator Theory

All generators, both AC and DC, operate by very basic physics principles. A conductor and magnet moving in close proximity to each other will induce voltage in the conductor. Generators are designed to move either the conductor or magnet in close proximity of the other to create electrical current. Every generator design uses the same basic components. It is useful to understand what each component’s purpose is in power generation.

Stator: The stator consists of the components of the generator that remain stationary during operation.
Rotor: The rotor consists of the components that are rotated in order to induce voltage in the conductor.

Field (Magnet): Whenever a DC current runs through a conductor (copper wire) wrapped around an iron core (laminates) a magnet is formed. The stronger the magnetic field the higher the voltage that will be induced when it is passed near the conductor. In reverse, the weaker the field the lower the voltage that will be induced. See more here.

Solar power is very dependable in locations that have bright sunlight 300+ days of the year and generator systems do not depend on sunlight.

Solar Generators Vs Fuel Generators: Which One Is Best For You?

What are the Benefits of a Solar Generator?

Here are the benefits of solar generators:

  • No moving parts. That makes for silent operation. It also makes for a lower maintenance system. Parts that don’t move don’t wear out so fast.
  • There’s also the green benefit that they don’t burn gas and they don’t give off toxic exhaust.
  • Finally, once the solar generator is up to full speed, it will run day and night without any input from you. During the day, the electricity charges the batteries and excess powers your equipment. At night, the batteries power your equipment. As long as there’s enough daylight every day, it just goes on and on.

What are the Benefits of a Gas Generator?

So, what are the benefits of gas generators:

  • Gas generators can be really compact and still put out a large amount of electricity.
  • They’re easy to operate and get going. Just fill with gas, pull the cord or press the starter button and you’ve got power. As long as you can keep putting gas in it, it’ll keep running and putting out a lot of power.
  • Most home-use generators can be loaded by one or two people in the back of a truck, with plenty of room for other things.
  • Finally, because they are mass-produced and pretty simple to build, they are also a lot less expensive than a solar generator of the same ability. Read full article here.

Solar Power Than Generator

Solar power may be less convenient to purchase and install since it is not as widely available as generators. This is due to the currently small market for solar power, as the market increases, however, this will be less of a problem. Solar power systems have no moving parts to wear out or need lubrication. Once installed, solar power requires little attention, the user can almost forget it. A generator must be monitored frequently to be sure sufficient fuel is available. It must be refilled often when used as a regular source of power and fuel must be ordered and delivery taken  or fuel must be hauled by the owner.

Solar power is received in through the panels, free of cost, and stored in batteries. It is ready for use when needed, but in times of reduced usage, the power remains in storage. Generators run constantly, regardless of the amount of power being used at a given time. As they run, they consume costly fuel. When power usage is reduced in bright daylight, generators must continue to run. Solar power has no emissions when working. There is no pollution involved in fuel production  no greenhouse gasses. When I compare solar power versus generator, I definitely have to choose solar power, it is clean, free, quiet, and peaceful for more information just call us here: (951) 805-1262.

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