Why Solar Power in Murrieta

Why going for Solar Power is a great decision for anyone looking to save money on electrical bills and positively affecting the environment in Murrieta CA. is pretty simple.

Why solar Power in Murrieta?

It is a particularly great decision for Murrieta residents because a number of exclusive benefits exist here, that aren’t available to persons in other parts of the country. For one, there’s the beautiful nearly year-round sunshine that we enjoy. In addition to that, the state of California has a number of initiatives that specifically benefit those that choose solar power for their home or business.

Number of Sunny Days In Murrieta CA

Murrieta is Lucky to Boast on Average, 275 Sunny Days Per Year

solar power sunny days murrieta caThis is quite a bit above the national average. This climate is very favorable to solar powered energy for very obvious reasons.

Residents of Murrieta who choose to go solar will greatly benefit from the copious amounts of sunshine available almost year-round, free of cost!

For persons who choose to go on the grid, this means even more savings and a chance to earn additional money on energy surpluses by selling it to your power company.

Cost to Go Solar Power in Murrieta

A lot of people who are considering going for solar power are quite concerned with the cost of the initial investment. On average, it costs $12-15,000 for a single family home in CA to go completely solar. You must keep in mind that this is an upfront investment. Depending on your current utility bills, you could recover the entire cost of the system in savings over the course of a few years. Many people wonder if it is expensive to go solar power. It might seem so at first, if you’re looking at it as a purchase rather than an investment.

An investment in going solar is an investment that will pay not only financial rewards. It will pay an even more important reward, which is a brighter future for all of us. If you would like to get an accurate estimate of how much it will cost to go solar, give us a call and get a FREE quote from one of our specialists.
RJL Solar Installation Experience

RJL Consulting is a licensed solar contractor based in the Murrieta area. We have years of solar power system installation experience under our belt, so you can rest assured that you are dealing with the best. Our contractors and engineers are highly skilled professionals who are dedicated to providing the best quality service.

The process of going solar with us is extremely simple and straightforward. First, we will consult with you to determine your needs. Then, we will work with you to plan your layout and design. After that, our engineers will get to work designing your layout. Then, after your go-ahead, we will install your system. The final step is a walkthrough and feedback phase in which we ensure everything is running perfectly and make adjustments if needed.

Overall, going solar power is a great choice for Murrieta residents because we have a high number of beautiful sunny days. In addition to that, the government of CA has a number of initiatives in place to benefit persons who choose to make their home or business solar powered. What are you waiting for? Call us for a FREE quote today at (951) 805-1262