Solar Panel Installation in Murrieta

Solar Panel installation Murrieta

The level of interest in solar panel generators and other alternate-energy solutions is soaring-and for good reason. Every day, more and more consumers are becoming frustrated by ever-increasing energy bills. Many others have also begun to take notice of the effect that our current pattern of energy usage is having on the planet. It’s not pretty.

Why Go Solar?

Going Solar is a great investment for all future-minded homeowners and businesses. The fact is that the world is changing. We can’t continue on the path we’re on while blindly ignoring the impact we’re having on our planet. Going Solar will have great benefits almost immediately, in that you will save money and have the peace of mind knowing that your energy use is in your own hands. It will have even greater benefits in the future, long after you’re gone. Making the choice to go solar, solar panel designis making the choice to help forge a better future for your great-great grandchildren.

Why RJL for Solar Panel Installation?

If you’re thinking about upgrading to a solar panel powered system for your home (and we hope you are!) then you needn’t look any further. Here at RJL Contracting we are committed to ensuring that our clients have the best possible experience. We will take you through the planning phase step by step to ensure you’re making the right choices for your specific needs. Our experienced and highly skilled contractors will be 100% hands on with your project all the way from the initial consultation to the final walk through and inspection.

California Solar Initiatives

There are a number of benefits to going solar: reduced energy bills, decreased environmental footprint, and less reliance on large power companies such as PG&E and SDG&E. For residents of Murrieta, there are even more benefits to going solar, thanks to government initiatives. The California Solar Initiative offers cash back for installing solar panel on your home or business. This means that qualified home-owners and businesses will receive rebates for utilizing solar energy. This is a great initiative and even more of an incentive to take the plunge and have your home outfitted with a Solar Energy System.

5 Steps to Solar Power:

Step 1- The Consultation: Ensure you do an initial consultation with your chosen provider. A part of this consultation should include an initial survey of your home to determine what the best options are for your specific needs.

Step 2- The Agreement: After your initial consultation and survey, you will have to sort out the particulars of your arrangement with the provider. This includes finalizing your design concept and financing.

Step 3- The Design: Following the Agreement, your provider will begin designing the layout for your system. Whether you want a simple, augmented system to complement your existing power source, or you want to go completely off the grid.

Step 4- Installation: Your provider will install the system in your home.

Step 5- Inspection and Feedback: Your provider will inspect your system to ensure everything is working correctly. During this phase, you are encouraged to offer tons of feedback to ensure everything is running smoothly, and so adjustments (if needed) can be made in a timely manner.

Once upon a time, solar energy was only a dream to the average consumer. The technology was expensive and rare, and contractors experienced with the installation of such systems were even more so. Today, almost anyone can utilize solar power in their homes to reduce or completely eliminate their dependence on traditional energy sources. Going Solar nowadays with your home or business is simply a process.  Give us a call and set an appointment for your Free Consultation today: (951) 805-1262