Smart Home Technology Will Get A Lot Smarter

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 Smart Home Technology Will Get a Lot SmarterSmart home technology is an addiction already, which is why it has become a staple in custom home design trends. Smart home technology is becoming more and more affordable, reliable, and, well, smart! Smart home technology is spreading like wildfire, and with just a few at-home installations and a smartphone app, you can jump right in.

Smart home technology is the current buzzword for upgrading our home electronics. Smart home technology is booming, and homeowners are spicing up their living spaces with numerous gadget-powered amenities. Saving money, not just time Smart home technology is all about the automation or management of your home and daily life.
The most important uses for smart home technology are to increase safety and privacy while reducing costs and energy usage.

What is Smart Home Technology?

Smart home technology is the general term given to basic home amenities that have been fitted with communication technology, enabling some degree of either automation or remote control. It includes things like:

  • Appliances, like washing machines, fridges, and garage door openers
  • Home entertainment systems
  • Home security systems
  • Environmental controls, like air conditioning, heating, and lighting

It also includes the various devices that have hit the market that regulate and control all these devices, Like ZigBee, Z-Wave, Lutron, and Wink. These are systems that unite all your smart devices are give you one node to access everything, and they usually come with some mobile software or app so you can do it from wherever you want in the house or when you’re out and about.

So far, the development of smart home tech has been modular, and aside from a few experiments or dedicated projects, we have yet to see a truly smart home from the ground up. However, this modular development, made possible by programs that let home owners add or subtract smart appliances as they acquire or retire them, opens the floor to infinite combinations of smart technology. It also means that people can invest as much or as little as they want into improving the IQ of their house. See more here.

Smart home technology is evolving as more individuals begin to learn more about the positive and sophisticated options of the smart home revolution.

5 Reasons To Consider Smart Home Technology

If you’re thinking that smart home technology only really belongs in movies, read on! The products available are absolutely down to earth and extremely practical. Single devices can monitor an array of variables, alerting the owner to water leaks, intruders, and other problems via smartphone.These services can meet the needs of a lot of people, and smart home technology is big business. According to CNBC, “the market for light controls alone is an estimated $1.7 billion, and Navigant Research expects automated thermostats to generate $1.4 billion by 2020.

Here are 5 reasons why you might want to take a closer look at smart home technology.

1: Save Money
Managing energy use through smart technology can result in significant savings on energy costs. The information you get from monitoring devices can help you see patterns in your use of appliances and lighting that are adding to your cost. In many cases, the use of monitors can save individual around 10% in energy costs, while businesses can see even greater savings.

2: Enhance Security
Smart home monitoring systems can make it simple to remotely monitor your home, wherever you are. The devices automate your home to create the illusion that the house is occupied, which discourages intruders. The systems will even alert authorities when something seems amiss. Read more here.

One of the best and simplest ways to invest in smart home technology is through the installation of smart appliances, such as a Nest

Smart Home Technology to Save Money and Improve Your Life

Smart home disaster stories aren’t too difficult to find online. However, don’t let these discourage you from taking the plunge. As a starting point, consider the following smart home solutions. Each is practical and relatively inexpensive. Some will even help you save money.

Save Energy and Money
One of the most popular smart home devices remains the Nest Thermostat (CA, UK) ($249), which first arrived on the scene nearly five years ago. Now owned by Google, this smart device offers one immediate benefit to homeowners: it will help lower your energy costs. Central to all that Nest can do is its ability to monitor your coming and goings. As such, it can place anything from air conditioners and fans to heating units on “away” status whenever you leave your home. When you’re away from home, you can instruct the unit to turn devices off or adjust the temperature, thereby saving you a lot of money on day one.

Switches, Plugs, and Motion Detectors
If you want to save money on your energy costs but can’t afford Nest, consider the WeMo Insight Switch (CA/UK) ($49), which connects your home appliances and electronic devices to your Wi-Fi network. In doing so, it allows you to turn devices on and off remotely, and even create rules and custom schedules so that appliances are only running when you want them to run. As its name suggests, the WeMo Insight Switch has another trick up its sleeve. It provides insight on how much energy devices in your home consume by sending energy and cost reports right to your phone, courtesy of the WeMo app. Better still: it provides tools for saving lots of cash on your next energy bill. Finding the power hogs in your home has never been easier. Read full article here.

Smart Home Technology Is More Advanced Than Ever

Benefits of  smart home technology are all about the automation and management of your daily life. Home automation and smart home technology are changing the way we live for the better. Smart home technology is revolutionizing the way people interact with their homes and the way homes communicate with the outside world. Smart home technology is increasing very quickly in popularity and improved quality of life.

Smart home technology is promising technologies for enabling activity and participation, independence and quality of life for people with physical impairments. Consumers are gradually becoming more aware of what they can do and what the real benefits of smart home technology are. If you’re interested in learning more about how to upgrade your home, or what smart home technology can do for you, your family, or your business, be sure to reach out to us: (951) 805-1262 for a free consultation.

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