Everything You Need To Know About Smart Home Security

A Smart Home Security In Murrieta!

Everything You Need To Know About Smart Home SecuritySmart home security is helping people stay on top of security through connected devices. Home automation sensors, remote capabilities, and live streaming are just a few of the ways that smart home security is advancing. Smart home security is an investment, not a cost, and it’s an affordable one at that.

Smart home security is proactive itself, using advanced technology to detect and respond to a wide range of threats and issues. Smart home security is designed to provide better security as well as energy efficiency and comfort. Smart home security is all about giving you visual access to any room in your home from anywhere in the world.Although smart home security is a new thing in the security appliances market but it can be expected to be embraced at a very higher rate by people and organizations.

5 Reasons Having a Smart Home Makes Your Life Better

Do you really need it, though? Absolutely!

You probably wouldn’t dream of living without a TV, a smartphone, and/or a computer. Today’s electronics have made our lives easier—and a lot more fun. However, adding smart home technology can add both value and convenience to any home. Let’s take a look at five reasons you need a smart home:

1. Efficiency. With one button or smartphone app, you can control multiple devices or systems. That means you can easily set back the thermostats and turn off the lights simultaneously. You’ll also get out of the house faster and save electricity.

2. Convenience. Having a smart home allows you to manage several electronic devices and/or systems from across the house or across the world. Draw the shades, turn on lights, and check in on security; having that sort of convenience alone is enough to inspire many people to automate. Read more here.

The primary features of smart home security are the ability to use very granular stimulus-response rules, as well as allow owner interaction from anywhere in the world that he or she can access the Internet.

The 50 Best Smart Home Security Systems: The Top Home Automation Products for Monitoring and Securing Your Home

Your home is your castle, and it’s one of the biggest investments you’ll ever make. Keeping it safe and secure is a top priority of many homeowners. Thanks to advances in smart home technology and home automation security products, you can now monitor your home’s cameras, security solutions and more, no matter where you are in the world.

In no particular order, here are 50 of the Best Smart Home Security Products.

1. Danalock Bluetooth Z-Wave Smart Lock
You’ll never have to worry about forgetting your key again after installing a smart lock. Quickly and easily installs, allowing you to open your door via smartphone and grant others access no matter where you are in the world.

Key features:

  • Easily installs into current deadbolt hole in just 5-10 minutes
  • Works with both Android, iOS and other major devices
  • Sleek design blends with any home décor style

2. Samsung SmartThings Home Monitoring Kit
Keep your home and family secure with this complete smart home monitoring kit. Automate your home’s electronics, lights and keep track of who’s coming and going with setup that takes as little as 15 minutes. Check more here.

Smart home security can cover everything from security cameras in around your home, to electronic deadbolts which can be retrofitted to your door.

Five Benefits of Smart Home Security

A recent FBI report shows that a burglary takes place every 20 seconds, and losses incurred by property crime victims totaled $14.3 billion in 2015 alone. Smart technology has impacted the ease of using a home security system,  and homeowners (and even renters) should consider the benefits a modern system can provide:

Protects valuables
Let’s start with the obvious one. Studies show the average burglary results in approximately $1,700 in losses for the victim. Most burglars look for cash, jewelry, electronics, and prescription or illegal drugs, and they know all the common hiding places for these items. A home security system can signal authorities to a burglary in progress, and increase the chances that the perpetrator will be caught either in the act or after the fact.

Deters crime
What’s better than catching and thwarting a burglar? Having no burglar in the first place! Often, just the presence of an alarm system is enough to make a potential criminal think twice. In fact, a 2012 university study revealed that homes without a security system were more vulnerable to a break-in. Approximately 60% of the interviewed offenders claimed they would forego a home with a security system in favor of an easier target. Among offenders who realized an alarm was present during their crime, half withdrew from the attempt. See full article here.

Smart Home Security Is For More Than Emergencies

Smart home security is both a visible deterrent and a proactive line of defense against intruders. Smart home security is the wave of the future in the home security industry.  If you want to take the next step in home security, consider looking into how smart home security can improve your life.

Smart home security is very fast to setup the security in your house. If you want to protect your home better, you may wonder whether smart home security is, call us here: (951) 805-1262. Smart home security can help you stay worry-free, and in a way that teens will love. A smart home security can have a bright future.

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