Signs of Home Electrical Problems

Do You Know What The Most Common Home Electrical Problems Are In Murrieta?

Signs of Home Electrical ProblemsKnowing the symptoms of home electrical problems is the first step in avoiding an electrical fire. Home electrical problems are bound to crop up occasionally. The symptoms of home electrical problems are not always easy to notice for the average homeowner.
Knowing the warning signs of home electrical problems is the best way to keep you and your family safe. Many times the source of home electrical problems can be ambiguous. Home electrical problems can be worrisome and disruptive to your daily routine. Home electrical problems are highly dangerous, presenting very real risks of fire and electric shock to you and your family if you do not have them repaired immediately.

Understanding Your Home Electrical System

Electricity plays an essential role in how your home operates. Whether watching TV, powering heating and cooling systems, or charging a cell phone, we rely on our home’s electrical system to provide us with power when and where we need it.

By understanding the basics of how electricity is distributed around your home, you can keep this important system properly maintained and in safe working condition:

Electricity enters your home through a service head from a series of outdoor power lines or an underground connection. A typical service head consists of two 120-volt wires and one neutral wire that deliver power to lights and appliances around the home.

The 120-volt circuits use one phase of the electrical service to power standard home appliances. However, certain larger appliances such as water heaters, electric rangers, or clothes dryers require a 240-volt circuit, which is created using both 120-volt wires and the neutral wire. Check more here.

Diagnosis of home electrical problems is extremely difficult because people usually do not have house plans to go over and find the electrical problems.


Winter is the worst time of year for your home’s electrical systems to malfunction. Thankfully, when it comes to electrical issues, there are usually warning signs of electrical problems that allow you to deal with them early. Learn these signs now and avoid headaches in the future.

Tripped Circuit Breakers
Tripped circuit breakers are caused by an overloaded circuit or an aging breaker. If you discover a breaker that trips often, call in a professional to diagnose the problem.

Getting Shocked
It’s never a good thing when you feel a tingle or minor shock while touching an appliance. This type of shock is different from a static shock and usually more intense. A shock from an appliance can indicate a fault in the ground or incorrect wiring. In both cases, you’ll want to retain the services of an electrician right away. Read more here.

Home electrical problems can decrease the value of your home, increase your energy bills and even make your house a dangerous place to live.

Avoiding Electrical Problems During Remodeling

Avoiding electrical problems is simple. Each year thousands of fires are the result of common electrical installation problems. As some older homes are remodeled, some electrical outlets are installed without a properly grounded outlet, replacing the old receptacle outlet. This is an error because, in the event of a short circuit, the cover plate can become energized and deadly. Here we will present some common electrical problems and how to avoid them during the remodeling process.

1. Electrical Problem: Recessed Electrical Boxes
Sometimes adding paneling to a wall surface can cause code violations. Use extension rings to solve the problem. There is always the possibility of installing a new electrical outlet and using an extender or shimming plates behind the box.
2. Electrical Problem: Wiring is not Properly Secured
Some issues can happen if staples are driven too tight to secure the wire to studs or beams. The wire can be severely damaged if it is not properly attached. The best way to prevent this from happening is to run the wiring through conduits or cable trays. See full article here.

Home Electrical Problems Can Come In Many Forms

A variety of home electrical problems can cause appliances to malfunction or stop working, but homeowners often assume that the appliance itself is defective. Home electrical problems can be highly disconcerting. No matter how new or aged, most home electrical problems will show warning signs before becoming dangerous and serious.
Learning about the warning signs of home electrical problems can help homeowners troubleshoot electrical wire issues and identify electrical fire symptoms. The best way to fix those pesky home electrical problems is by contacting an electrical contractor, you may call us here: (951) 805-1262. A home electrical problems have become potentially fatal.

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