Burned Recessed Lights

A Recessed Lights In Murrieta Homes!

Burned Recessed Lights

Recessed lights are attractive, convenient, modern and a pain in the butt to insulate and air seal. The key to setting up recessed lights is good spacing and planning. Shower trim recessed lights are also wet-rated, making them good to use over a shower and in bathrooms.

Recessed lights are flush with the ceiling, making them great for rooms with low ceilings. Smaller recessed lights are better for accent and task lighting. LED recessed lights are designed specifically for use in the ceiling.Installing one or two recessed lights is a great starter project for learning to wire your basement and electrical wiring in general.

Guide to Recessed Lighting

Meet all your aesthetic and practical requirements, and create the perfect lighting scheme with our line of recessed lighting products. Recessed lighting is ideal for shaping any look-dramatic or low-key, decorative or unobtrusive. In choosing recessed lights, it is important to decide what effect you want to achieve. For example, to create a warm, bright kitchen, you might consider using incandescent fixtures that use “A” type bulbs.  Here is an overview of the effects of different types of bulbs:

  1. Incandescent – These bulbs provide warm, bright atmosphere for any interior. “A” type lamps or “R” type reflector lamps can be used to provide a brilliant glow. “A” type bulbs can also be used for wall washing, an effect in which light is distributed onto an entire wall for an even, ambient look. This technique is often used to illuminate wall art and to make a room appear larger in size. “R” type bulbs include a built-in reflector for the light. PAR type reflector lamps provide accents to important surfaces and colors.
  2. Halogen – Highly efficient halogen sources deliver pure white regions of light to strategic areas within any interior. Various beam spreads can highlight large areas or pinpoint small objects. The brilliant, focused light is perfect for task lighting. In addition, low voltage halogen lamps are long lasting and offer more light per watt than standard bulbs. When used for high contrast accent lighting, the rule of thumb is to keep it three times brighter than surrounding light.
  3. Compact fluorescent – For energy-efficient applications, use 9W to 42W compact fluorescent light sources. These bulbs provide reliable, consistent light and are ideal for commercial, office, bath and kitchen applications. Read more here.

Installing recessed lights is not as simple as some other types of lighting (like track lights or pendant lights), yet knowing the basics can definitely help you save your time and efforts.

Recessed LED Lights Above The Stairs – Safety And Architectural Class

One of the latest trends in modern architectural lighting is placing small recessed lights above the stairs and in the stair and hallway. Because of their low energy consumption LED lights are the ideal light source for this. These recessed LED wall lights do not have to give a huge amount of light, they are installed to give subtle orientation lighting. Generally, 1W LED spotlights already do the trick. At the same time your stairway will be looking awesome.

Frequently switching the lights on/off is inefficient
I’m sure you’re familiar with this, you wake up in the middle of the night and you have to go to the bathroom. You cross the stair hall and you swith on the light. A few hours later one of your children hears some scary noises so he/she hurries to your room and turns on the light once again. And so on… The stairway and hall are spaces in your home which everyone passes rather quickly but frequently. This results in frequently turning on and off the general lighting which is far from efficient in terms of energy usage. Energy efficient LED recessed lights overcome this issue.

Long lifetime
Another advantage of LED orientation lighting is the lifetime. Of course you don’t want to have to replace something that is built into the wall. Thanks to their extremely long lifetime LED spots are once again the ideal option. See more here.

The great thing about installing recessed lights is that they really are an inexpensive way to update the appearance of your home in so many ways.

Why Do My Light Bulbs Keep Burning Out?

Although incandescent light bulbs typically have lifespans from 1,000 to 3,000 hours, many people have light fixtures in their home that burn through bulbs at a much faster rate. If you’ve had to replace light bulbs in the same fixtures time and time again, this week’s entry is for you. While burned out bulbs are sometimes the fault of defective products, often this blame is misplaced. Why not rule out other causes and possibly save yourself the expense of a new light? Below are a few reasons light bulbs routinely burn out.

Bulbs are Improperly Connected to the Fixture
Although this might sound like a “face palm” reason, it happens. You could be screwing in your bulbs too tightly. If you rolled your eyes at that, keep in mind that even if you yourself didn’t screw your light in too tightly, someone else may have at one point in the fixture’s life and ruined the fixture-to-bulb connection. In this case, it’s time to purchase a new fixture. However, the fixture-to-bulb connection might also be disrupted because of the particular brand of light bulb you’re using. Sometimes, cheaper bulbs have little or no solder on the contact point of the bulb. Verify your bulb’s operation in another fixture to see if the issue lies with the bulb or fixture.

Fixtures are Vibrating Too Much
Another reason your lights could be burning out quickly is because they’re subject to excessive vibration. Fixtures may undergo excessive vibration under a variety of circumstances, but common causes are wobbly ceiling fans or a fixture that’s placed beneath a kid’s room or exercise room. To fix this, consider using a rough service bulb or upgrading to a 130-volt long life light bulb, both of which have thicker filaments that can handle the stress. You may even consider an LED light, since LEDs don’t have filaments to begin with (not to mention they’re more energy efficient). Read full article here.

Recessed Lights Can Emphasize Areas In Your Home

Popular in hallways, entryways, or bathrooms, recessed lights are also making their way into kitchens and living areas. Recessed lights can give you a multitude of light options in a room without visible lamps, cords, or lighting fixtures. Recessed lights are a good choice for lighting kitchen tasks such as meal prep, hobbies, reading, schoolwork, or finances.

Increased light since recessed lights are installed in multiples, spread out across the ceiling, this can create a bright, evenly lit room, compared to a single fixture that will likely not provide much light. Outdoor recessed lights can be used outside in a protected exterior location in a residential or commercial setting. Recessed lights will provide you with complete satisfaction, call us here: (951) 805-1262.

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