Recessed Lighting Fixtures – A Cost-Effective Home Improvement

A Recessed Lighting Can Add Value To Your Home In Murrieta!

Recessed Lighting Fixtures - A Cost-Effective Home ImprovementRecessed lighting is a great way to add that light level needed and improve the appeal and value of your home. Recessed lighting is a versatile means of providing both ambient and task lighting to just about any area in your home. Recessed lighting is also used to create shadowing of objects while adding texture to vertical surfaces (grazing).

Recessed lighting is often used for accent lighting rather than as the sole light source for a room. With a clean look and ample illumination, recessed lighting is a must for nearly every room in the house. Recessed lighting is an ideal alternative since it can minimize glare on a computer screen due to its recessed lamp position.Recessed lighting is an ideal supplemental source to a traditional vanity fixture for eliminating shadows on the face for grooming.

Recessed Lighting

Recessed lighting is a versatile means of providing both ambient and task lighting to just about any area in your home. Also known as pot lighting and can lighting, these lights are mounted in the ceiling or wall (most often in a ceiling) rather than surface mounted on the wall or ceiling. Besides functional differences there are aesthetic ones too. If you don’t like the look of a round, white light fixture, there are other choices available. You can find recessed lights with trim rings in different colors or metallic finishes. You can even get square lights, if the round-style is too plain or conventional for you.

This article aims to ground you in the basics of what you should know when you’re considering and choosing this type of lighting. It’ll also point you to other resources should you want to drill down even further. The true place to begin is with a lighting plan, either from a lighting designer, your contractor or you yourself if you feel qualified. It’s helpful if you understand the various “layers” of lighting (ambient, task, accent and decorative) and how recessed lights can be used effectively.

You should also understand where the lights are going to be installed, if there are enough of them in the plan, and the appropriate bulb, fixture and trim to use for a given situation.Even if someone else ultimately designs the plan and installs the lights for you, it’ll help to have a basic understanding on the subject so that you’ll feel confident you’re house will be appropriately lighted. Read more here.

Our homes thrive when we choose the right mix of lighting, and recessed lighting is a big part of that success and the choice of trim for recessed lighting is based on the required performance of the fixture and personal preference.

Why Choose Recessed Lighting?

Lighting is about more than just illuminating an area. It’s about making a statement, accentuating parts of your home you want to show off and hiding areas that don’t serve your interior design goals.

Where should recessed lighting be placed?
Recessed lighting is ideal for task lighting, highlighting areas where specific work is done. For example, placing recessed lighting over a kitchen sink or preparation area will provide additional light and make it easier to see what you’re doing. Recessed fixtures are also fantastic options for shower and bath lighting.  Installing them underneath kitchen cabinets will improve lighting for food preparation tasks. It’s very unobtrusive and won’t be in the way while you’re using the space.

What kinds of fixtures do you need?
Recessed lights can be installed using different fixtures. Baffle trim is a stationary fixture option and is ideal for over-sink or hallway lighting. Eyeball trim is a movable option that allows you to angle the light exactly where you want it. Shower trim has a tempered glass cover and is water-tight, making it perfect for use in bathrooms and wet areas. At Lighting Inc., we have a variety of lighting well covers to complement your decor, ranging from bright and colorful to sleek and modern.

How many lights should you install?
Err on the side of caution. Using fewer lights may be better depending on the needs of your room. The last thing you want to do is ruin the aesthetics of your room by cutting too many holes in the ceiling. Higher wattage light bulbs can make up for fewer light wells and dimmer switches can  provide variable lighting options for different times of day. See more here.

The addition of recessed lighting is a great way to give your home a facelift without spending a fortune on remodeling.

Benefits Of Using LED Recessed Lighting

LEDs have been in use as a useful electronic component since the 1960’s but, have not been used or made available for residential settings till the last decade. Since more companies are manufacturing LED lights, they are rapidly becoming more affordable as compared to when they were initially introduced. Most people choose to use LED recessed lighting for several reasons – LED or light emitting diodes are extremely energy efficient products as they use less energy than fluorescent and incandescent light bulbs. They can also last around 15 times longer than other types of bulbs.

Benefits Of Using LED Recessed Lighting:

LED recessed lights can last for several years. You can save a substantial amount of money, in the long run, just by using LED lighting rather than incandescent light bulbs or compact fluorescent lights, owing to the energy saving feature. LED fixtures are about 75% to 85% more energy efficient since they don’t lose heat when it is used. Hence, you can easily use for a prolonged period of time for a very low cost. Moreover, LED lights emit little heat, hence they do not generally attract insects and are perfect to use in outdoor light fixtures.

A sharper and cleaner light is usually released from LED lights. In fact, a 9 watt LED bulb is equivalent to that of a 40 watt incandescent light output. Also, as LED light bulbs do not include mercury, they do not cause an environmental or health risk and are absolutely safe for plants. Therefore, they are used in gardens and nurseries on a large scale. Furthermore, these lights do not need to be recycled in a particular manner unlike compact fluorescent lights. Read full article here.

A Recessed Lighting Will Be A Wise Investment

The effects of recessed lighting are a hidden secret to a layered lighting design and will provide many light functions from ambient to a task focus. The most important aspects of recessed lighting are its trims and housing. Pot lights and other forms of recessed lighting are well acknowledged to be mediated as an energy efficient lighting source. Recessed lighting can provide ambient lighting for the room and highlight decorative elements.

Recessed Lighting is designed for a wide range of ceiling conditions and light sources. From living rooms to clothing stores, recessed lighting can be the perfect solution for a variety of interiors. Recessed Lighting can be used in combination with other light fixtures to add needed light to a room when one central fixture or ceiling fan will not suffice. If you want to install recessed lighting you may call us here: (951) 805-1262.


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