Setting Up Your Electricity Off The Grid

Going Off the Grid In Murrieta Homes?

gridOff grid power is most likely to make the biggest impact on your standard of living and to your carbon footprint. The first important step to off-grid power is to determine the cost of connecting to the grid and comparing that to the cost of a stand-alone system. The two most popular methods that people use to get off grid power is solar power and wind power.

Off grid power is cleaner and better for appliances than the grid with no power spikes, brown outs or three flashes to failure. These little workhorses power many homes due to the fact they are simple and cheap, well, cheap as far as off grid power is concerned. Thanks to advances in technology, off grid power is a lot cheaper and easier than in the past.Off grid power is a smart option to always have the energy to power your appliances and devices with the use of solar panels instead of a noisy gas generator.

Your own independent off grid power systems can provide most electric conveniences at a remote home site, where bringing in utility lines would be impossible or prohibitively expensive. Just extending utility power 1/4 mile or more to reach a home site can cost $15,000 and up, and that’s before you get any power. Equipment to produce your own solar electric power may cost less. If power lines are not near your land, you can choose clean renewable resources, and boats and recreational vehicles can use the same equipment on a smaller scale.

Natural and free energy already on your site in sunlight, wind, or falling water can be converted to off the grid electricity. We specialize in power entirely from solar panels, wind power, or micro hydro power, plus generator backup in climates short on sunshine.

We Use Off-Grid Power!

For over 30 years, Backwoods has specialized in off-grid power for the remote home. For years, Backwoods Solar was entirely powered by equipment from this website, and currently most Backwoods Solar employees power a home or a portion of their home with our products. At Backwoods Solar, you are talking to people who use the equipment every day. Read more here.

Sometimes living off the grid is done for reasons such as helping to improve the environment, personal physical health, or to create solitary communities with simple politics or religious motivations.

Going Off the Grid? 8 Things You Should Consider

For many, going 100% off the grid is a dream come true. Not only that it could save you money, but it also can bring you that incredible feeling of satisfaction, knowing that you are doing everything you can for the environment. The best people to ask for advice on how to proceed and where to start are those, who have already walked the path and are now enjoying the benefits of a self-sufficient, sustainable living. Here is what they had to say:

1.  Realize what you are about to do.
Going completely off the grid means that you unplug from all the services that your home is connected to. These include not only the power grid, but also the water supply and community utilities, like garbage collection. Having said that, nowadays there is nothing that can prevent you from having a comfortable yet sustainable and 100% off the grid lifestyle. Here is what modern technology has to offer:

2. The most important things to know in advance:

  • Summer is hot
  • Winter is cold
  • Nights are dark
  • Gardens need good soil
  • Water does not run uphill. See more here.

The reality is that power generated off the grid is significantly more expensive, kWh to kWh, as power generated while tied to the grid.

Generating Off-Grid Power: The Four Best Ways

So, you’ve thought about whether or not living off the grid is right for you; you know that it means no more utility bills and generating all of your own power, but what’s involved in that? It isn’t as easy as slapping a few solar panels on the roof and calling it good; when it comes to generating off grid power, there are a handful of methods that can combine to generate all the energy you’ll need to live comfortably off the grid.Plug in to off grid power with solar electricity. 

Solar power is probably the one that jumps to mind for most of us when it comes to off-grid energy. The sun-powered option, which includes photovoltaic solar panels, an inverter and batteries, can provide lots of electric power (especially if you get a lot of solar exposure where you live) for a long time, without any moving parts and a little maintenance. The downside, at least for now, is the cost: it is rarely cost-effective to power an entire home entirely with solar, even allowing for several decades for a positive return on the investment.

Generating off-grid power with wind electricity
If you get good news after you contact your local weather service to check on the average wind speed in your area, generating electricity from residential-sized wind turbines is another option for off-grid energy. Knowing the average and wind speed ranges, you can estimate how much electricity a given system will produce. Keep in mind, wind speeds on a specific lot can vary significantly from regional averages depending on local topography. Read full article here.

Off The Grid, Power Can Be Utilized To Generate Power

The three main sources for off the grid power are solar (AC or DC), wind power, and hydropower. The key to off the grid power is the balancing of the loads against the stored energy and incoming charging power from solar energy. When the utility company wants to charge an arm and a leg to pull electric lines out to your cabin or rural lot or home off the grid Power can save you tons of money.

Individuals, homes, and facilities that require the grid power are benefiting from sustainable, scalable, local, stand-alone and distributed power generation. The other benefits of off the grid power are that it is handy when there is the power failure. The off the grid power can work independently after leaving the power grid, which is equivalent to an independent small power grid, call us here: (951) 805-1262.

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