Modernize Your Home With Contemporary Lighting Fixture

Contemporary Lighting Is like Functional Art

Contemporary lightingToday contemporary lighting is used in almost every room of a modern style home and in offices as well. Contemporary lighting is a modern focused style that can mean different things to different homeowners.

The sophisticated lines and clean designs found in contemporary lighting are becoming more prevalent in today’s homes, as individuals embrace modern styles.

Whatever style you choose, contemporary lighting will enhance the look of your interior and add beauty to your bedroom, bathroom, living room, dining room, hallway and home office.

Key Elements of Contemporary Interior Design

Clean lines and smooth surfaces without intricate details characterize contemporary design. However, that doesn’t mean your home will look stark or cold, because the days of boxy furniture and eccentric decorating are long gone. Today’s updated contemporary design is a blend of comfortable, livable elements that create a sophisticated, fresh look and feel.

To create a contemporary look in your home you’ll want to incorporate these key elements: color, metal accents, texture, wood tone and lighting.

Color is Key

Contemporary design is typically offset by neutral colors. When painting your walls you’ll want to choose shades of brown, taupe, cream or pure white. You can easily spice up your room by painting one wall with an accent color, adding a bold colored sofa and choosing small, yet vivid decorative accessories, like pillows, area rugs, lighting fixtures and artwork. A word of caution when accessorizing is not to clutter your space because the key to contemporary design is simplicity.  See more here.

Modern lighting and contemporary lighting have always been buyers first choice for interior lighting decoration, but if you add a design element to modern day lighting then it will surely bring the missing element of decor which sometimes a lighting theme lacks.

10 Contemporary Elements that Every Home Needs

In this modern day of living there is no doubt that the contemporary movement has affected every aspects of our daily lives. From our cars, fashion and technology to the world of design in architecture and interiors. Many use the term contemporary or modern interchangeably to mean a more relaxed break of traditional norms and new concepts of richness of design and modern age thinking. Modern can also refer to a time period of design style from the 1920’s -1950’s. From bringing in light to dark spaces to opening up floor plans and introducing clean-lined furnishings, here are 10 ways to bring contemporary flair into your interiors.
  1. Bring light into interiors effortlessly
  2. Opt for subtle colors with accents of more vibrant color you really love.
  3. Use of natural materials can create a beautifully interior & exterior
  4. Airiness brings a more relaxed interior to your contemporary home
  5. Contemporary Elements – Bare floors in gorgeous finishes. Read more here.

Perhaps the essence of contemporary lighting is a lighting design that attempts to emphasize the lighting as a decorative feature in a room without sacrificing any of its functionality. This type of lighting is, therefore, a lot different today than it was 50 years ago when modernism was in its infancy and there was a clear focus on pure functionalism.

Matching Functionality and Effect with Contemporary Lighting Design

Contemporary Lighting Effects

Knowing how you’ll use a room is paramount to designing the contemporary lighting that works best for you. Different lighting fixtures will create specialized effects for specific purposes. In the bathroom, for example, adjustable wall sconces will allow you to take a relaxing shower or soak and, then, allow you to meticulously apply your makeup or get that close shave without nicking your neck or chin. In the kitchen, recessed task lighting will allow you to show off your kitchen and illuminate the most work-intensive areas.

Accent Lighting: This lighting illuminates a specific object or area of a room. It can be used for purposes of ambiance or to highlight a busy area of a room.

Task Lighting: This lighting is focused on an area of a room designated for a certain task, such as a desk for office tasks or a sink for kitchen tasks. It differs from accent lighting in that it is more focused and saves as much energy as possible.

Grazing and Washing: This lighting is typically directed toward walls to enhance and display their texture. Be careful, though, they’ll also show off any imperfections. Check more here.

Transform Your Home With The Right Lighting

A new lighting plan should include the use of energy-efficient lighting, which in some cases is required by building codes. Successful lighting has a layered effect so that there is general ambient lighting as well as one or two zones for task lighting, such as reading or cooking, or low light in a media room. Hire a qualified electrician to install your lighting.

 If you are renovating your home with modern and elegant lighting fixture of your choice, our qualified electricians are here to install your lighting. Simply call us here (951) 805-1262.
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