Lightning Protection Installation Reinforces Your Structure

Lightning Protection Installation Is Necessary For Murrieta

Lightning Protection Installation Reinforces Your StructureLightning protection installation is an affordable amenity that offers protection against a leading cause of property damage. Direct lightning protection is only one part of the solution to avoid lightning and static induced tank fires. Lightning protection is great peace of mind, as far as protecting your family, your pets, heirlooms, your property.

Lightning protection installation is a highly specialized trade that is governed by industry safety Standards. When lightning protection is desired, it is usually achieved by providing a path of low resistance to ground. There are many signs that requirements for lightning protection are on the rise. Lightning protection is also liability protection.Lightning protection is typically less expensive than other building systems and amenities like security, plumbing, generators and specialty lighting fixtures.


In New York state, a church with brick cavity wall construction is hit by a lightening bolt, ignited, and gutted by fire before help can be summoned from the nearby village. In Illinois, a one story industrial plant is struck by a bolt which literally explodes a two story concrete block wall with brick facing. In

Texas, a school janitor notices structural damage to a reinforced concrete wall near a lightning downed conductor following a severe weekend thunderstorm. Three common occurrences. So common, in fact, theat they have in the past largely taken for granted. But they need not be, says the Lightning Protection Institute, Chicago, for occurrences like them are easily and economically prevented by lightning protection systems for concrete and masonry low-rise buildings.

Lightning protection consists of three major divisions: a roof system to intercept any bolt; a conducting system to carry the charge from roof to ground without damage to the structure; and a ground electrode system to harmlessly dissipate the lightning charge. A typical installation consists of these parts. The first is air terminals. Copper, or aluminum, 10 inches or higher, placed at a maximum of 20 feet apart on the high points of the roof and all projections, and sized, anchored and spotted. See more here.

Copper and aluminum main cable conductors for lightning protection are designed to a smooth weave or rope-lay standard using smaller gauge individual wires.

Fortify Your Structure via Lightning Protection Installation

The force of lightning carries a momentum of enormous magnitude. With a mammoth strength on its side, it has wrought havoc on both the human beings and abodes throughout the progressive stages on this earth. Moreover, it has always been a constant menace for the existence of both humble and towering structures, be it for the residential or business establishments. However, it is up to the owners to ensure that their possessions are properly fitted out with the lightning protection installation as it will surely protect against the hazards posed by electrical surges.

Pick a Skilled Contractor

Many authorities have made it obligatory to integrate both residential and commercial establishments with electrical surge protection solutions. Besides this, it is also equally important to appoint a proficient lightning protection contractor for the lightning safety systems. There exist a number of companies that serve their clients with customized solutions after carrying out a thorough examination of the property and determining the degree of safety needed.

The companies of lightning protection in Ireland take on the projects of all sizes and appoint a team of astute technicians, having a sound experience and expert knowledge of the problems that need to be addressed to ensure the best possible earthing of the structure. Check more here.

Only licensed electricians with credentials in lightning protection are allowed to install and repair lightning protection systems.

Benefits Of Lightning Protection For Temporary Structures

A fabric structure serves many purposes: secure storage for cargo and/or equipment, covered work areas, temporary warehouse, hangars or lunch tents. In each case, what lies within the structure is seeking shelter from the elements: sun, rain, wind and lightning. Not only do consumers seek security of their property from theft or protection from the harmful effects of the sun’s ultraviolet rays, but also protection from dangerous lightning. However, often, the importance of lightning protection is overlooked despite the fact that it is a very serious thing to consider. It is critical that any outdoor structure, whether temporary or permanent, have lighting protection.

When developing a lightning protection strategy that is truly effective, the solution must include structural protection as well as the transient protection of electrical systems. This provides complete protection for the structure, electronics and the people within the structure. High voltage overloads can cause injury to a person just as a direct lightning strike can cause injury. The benefits of having lightning protection for fabric buildings are:

  • Saving business investment
  • Safeguarding the safety of personnel working within the fabric structure

So don’t overlook the importance of having a comprehensive lightning protection plan that includes electrical system protection along with structural protection. Read full article here.

Lightning Protection Installation Is Not A Do-It-Yourself Project

Today’s modern commercial and industrial facilities demand the kind of facility protection. Lightning protection installation can be installed on most buildings without diminishing their appearance. Lightning protection is a great investment and an inexpensive component of the overall safety package available today.

Lightning protection installation is a very specialized industry requiring trained technicians. Lightning Protection is proud of the expertise we can offer in all areas of lightning protection, call us here: (951) 805-1262. Installing lightning protection is something definitely worth considering!

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