Save Energy Effortlessly With Lighting Controls

Advanced Lighting Controls In Murrieta Homes!

Save Energy Effortlessly With Lighting ControlsThe term lighting controls are typically used to indicate stand-alone control of the lighting within a space. The expansion of advanced lighting controls is essential for the development of a highly reliable and efficient electric smart grid system. At its core, the intelligence of advanced lighting controls is attributable to the sensors embedded in each fixture.

The power of lighting controls is that they group lights (average of 4-8 bulbs in a typical room) into meaningful experiences. While the concept of lighting controls is not new, the controls themselves are the next logical place to look for developments in energy conservation. Lighting controls are systems and devices used to modify the output of light sources.Lighting controls are an important tool for effective energy management, enabling the use of such strategies as daylight harvesting, automatic scheduling.

What is Light Control?

Quality lighting is an important aspect of our daily life, and is often taken for granted. Light control is the ability to regulate the level and quality of light in a given space for specific tasks or situations. Controlling light properly not only enhances the experience, it helps to save energy by using light when and where it is needed most.

Dynamic Lighting
The color of light has a significant impact on the aesthetics of a space, and supports occupant comfort and well-being. Based on the needs of the space, the color of LED lighting can be adjusted using dynamic lighting strategies – warm dimming, tunable white, and/or color tuning.  Lutron LED lighting control systems can use dynamic lighting, as well as dimming and daylight management; to either automatically or manually adjust the color of the LED light to create the perfect environment for any indoor space.

Daylight Harvesting
In addition to managing electric light, regulating the amount of daylight that enters a space is an important aspect of light control. By using shades in conjunction with dimmers, Lutron systems can create the perfect balance between the two sources of light to save energy and create an inviting environment. Dimming modifies the quantity of electric lights, which in turn are complimented by the proper shade fabric and control that filters daylight. Together they save energy while providing the right amount of light for specific tasks or situations. See more here.

Lighting controls are an important part of any energy efficient design and are mandatory to eliminate waste and save energy.

Lighting Controls Strategies Can Save Money

Bear in mind that lighting upgrades go beyond lamps, ballasts and fixtures. To further increase efficiency and savings, controllable lighting is not just something that’s “good to have.” It’s a necessity for creating a truly efficient lighting system. However, as important as lighting controls are for energy savings, most facility professionals still have not implemented a facilitywide controls system in their buildings. A range of lighting control strategies are available to help facility managers be efficient. These include the following:

Astronomical time clock scheduling. This automatically dims or turns lights off at certain times of the day. Few buildings operate on 24-hour schedules, and many are empty during the overnight and weekend hours. These time clocks can be used to provide a building with a “lighting sweep” at night, switching lights off or dimming them at certain times to save energy and prevent light pollution.

Bi-level switching. These systems, which provide two levels of “on” in addition to “off,” can provide up to 18 to 20 percent savings. There have been cases where savings are even greater.

Occupancy sensing. These sensors automatically turn off lighting when occupants leave a space. The average savings tally up to about 35 percent, according to Freshman. Occupancy sensors are best suited for private offices, conference rooms, restrooms and classroom spaces. Read more here.

Lighting controls are a key element to any successful lighting project and provide opportunities for additional energy and cost-savings.

Benefits of Lighting Controls

Everyone wants their home to be a pleasant space. If your only choice is to live with harsh lighting, on or off, you will never achieve the atmosphere you want. Home designers agree that 90% of the time we are in our homes we do not need full lighting. Lighting controls provide the aesthetics you want in your home. Comfort while you are winding down after a long day. Ambiance to set the right mood for the big dinner party. Beauty to accentuate the details of your space.

Top 10 Energy Benefits of Light Control

1. Light Control Increases Comfort and may improve Productivity.
Our energy-saving light controls provide a comfortable and productive visual environment. Enhancing the comfort levels of a space leads to increases in productivity. Through our Total Light Management™ solutions, better lighting not only can reduce the energy consumption of a room, it can improve the quality of work from its occupants.

2. All Lutron Dimmers Save Energy.
Every dimmer automatically saves 4-9% in electricity—even at the highest lighting levels—over a standard on-off switch. When users choose to dim their lights, even more electricity is saved. Quite simply, the more you dim, the more you save. A standard light switch only saves electricity in the “off” position. Lutron dimmers and controls save energy 24-7. Read full article here.

Lighting Controls Can Save You, Even More, Energy And Money

Advanced lighting controls are networked together and blend multiple strategies such as time-scheduling technology. Occupancy and daylight sensors, off-site remote management, personal override, and web-based tracking. org) campaign. Estimate the use of lighting controls can reduce energy costs by an additional 15 to 80 percent, depending on the facility, over and above savings from other lighting upgrades alone.

Lighting controls can transform a room from bright and airy to dusky and romantic with just the push of a button or the flick of a switch. Driven primarily by demand for energy savings, energy codes and utility rebates, lighting controls are making gains in the installed base, though the numbers suggest a significant retrofit opportunity. Installing efficient lighting controls is one of the simplest ways to reduce lighting energy costs, call us here: (951) 805-1262.

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