LED Landscape Lighting – Safety Concerns

LED Landscape Lighting Is An Energy Efficient Solution In Murrieta!

LED Landscape Lighting - Safety Concerns

The most important aspect of LED landscape lighting is that it saves on the cost of electricity. Since LED landscape lighting is not dependent on delicate filaments, they are often more durable than traditional lighting. LED landscape lighting is a great way to be eco-friendly and cost effective with your outdoor lighting design.

Another reason that people prefer LED landscape lighting is because it is less dangerous than traditional bulbs. Since LED landscape lighting is not dependent on delicate filaments, they are often more durable than traditional lighting. LED landscape lighting is the clear standard over incandescent landscape lighting.LED landscape lighting is an excellent alternative for garden lights with traditional light bulbs or halogen light sources.

5 Landscape Lighting Trends that Will Enhance Your Home

Landscape lighting is a very important component of your home’s overall appearance. Today,  just as much attention should be given to a home’s outdoor space as it has to the inside. Our decks, patios and entryways have become extensions of our lifestyles and used more and more for entertaining and personal enjoyment.

That enjoyment shouldn’t have to end at night and with all the fabulous  products available on the market it doesn’t have to. Let’s light up our outdoor space with beautiful, on trend outdoor lighting that will enhance the look of our property and increase the safety and security around us!

1. LED Lighting

LED lights are available in all shapes, sizes, brightness and colors, making them a versatile option for your landscape lighting. They also offer style, safety, convenience and energy savings.  Some LED lights are designed specifically for outdoor spaces so they are perfect for adding near steps and walkways or mounted onto decks, fences and even trees. Read more here.

LED landscape lighting is becoming more and more popular among landscape lighting contractors and landscape designers for various reasons.

LED Landscape Lighting – Types of Lighting Fixtures

Aesthetics: Appearance is important not only to decorative fixtures but to functional units as well. In both cases, the fixture selected needs to visually complement the building’s architectural style and the landscape style. Literally hundreds of fixture styles are available from bare bones high tech look to one of many historical styles meant to coordinate with specific architectural periods. Often, several different types of fixtures will be needed throughout a site, each serving a different purpose.

Function: In evaluating whether a fixture will function properly in a specific situation, several issues should be considered. What lamp or lamps does the fixture accommodate? Will the fixture accept different wattages? How adjustable is the fixture? Can it accept accesories such as louvers where needed? Spotlights and floodlights often need to be aimed, so you’ll want to make sure there is an adjustment mechanism for the purpose.

Mechanical Features: How are the fixtures constructed? On some commercial landscapes, there is a concern about vandalism so tamperproof attachments may be necessary. Outdoor fixtures should not have sharp edges where the finish could fail and areas where water and dirt can collect and encourage corrosion. Waterproofing is important as it prevents internal corrosion of the fixture housing and damage to parts such as the socket or lamp. When a socket fails, the fixture obviously will not function. See more here.

The installation of LED landscape lighting is more expensive than an incandescent lighting system, but the costs are offset by the lifetime maintenance savings.

Energy & Cost Benefits of Converting to LED Landscape Lighting

From their first commercial uses in the 1960’s, LEDs (light-emitting diodes) have been constantly evolving and improving.  Initial applications were simple, red indicator lights on electronics.  The latest LED technology offers a broad range of colors and intensity levels with ever-increasing energy efficiency.

As the technology has progressed, the cost of LED lighting systems has decreased dramatically.  Applications that were once prohibitively expensive are now easily achievable, affordable and reliable.  Converting an existing outdoor lighting design to an LED system provides benefits beyond cost savings.

LED lamps for outdoor lighting require little on-going maintenance.  With an average lifespan of 50,000 hours, each lamp can burn up to 17 years in ideal conditions when running an average of eight hours per night.  Most importantly, the light out-put remains consistent throughout its lifespan and consumes as little as one-tenth of the energy used in typical outdoor halogen lamps.

An additional advantage of LED lamps, specific to outdoor lighting is that the surface temperature remains cool, allowing improved safety for ground-level lighting, and no energy loss due to heat.  LED lighting can be installed in landscape areas that are easily accessed by children or pets, where typical lighting would be hazardous. Read full article here.

LED Landscape Lighting Will Make Your Outdoor Spaces Beautiful & Safe at Night

LED landscape lighting is a great way to illuminate your home and property year round. LED landscape lighting can illuminate your location even at the low voltage power supply. LED landscape lighting can even help reduce light pollution. LED landscape lighting will be very good as well that will add the more beauty and elegance to your outdoor area appearance.

The benefits of LED landscape lighting are many, but one of the most important is the ease of installation. LED landscape lighting can produce brighter lights using less energy. LED landscape lighting can help reduce your energy bills, protect the environment and beautify your landscape or home. You may call us here: (951) 805-1262 LED landscape lighting will be protected for years to come.

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