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LED Bar Lighting in Murrieta

LED Bar LightingRJL Contracting, Inc. is proud to offer alternative lighting solutions for residential and commercial use. Dimmable, low-tension modular LED bar lighting is incorporated into the cable ducts, illuminating the system with a stylish glow.

Installing LED bar lighting to your living room, kitchen, bedroom, dining needs different lighting requirements according to activities and tasks in those areas. Learn effective tips on LED bar lighting placement, layout, and spacing with illustrations in various part of your home.

LED bar lighting can highlight your home’s architecture and landscape, and it also provides safety by deterring intruders and making paths navigable at night.

Homeowners are now designing their lighting plans to expand their space, creating a balance between the inside and outside of their homes. Rather than seeing a dark wall through a window at night, homeowners are now creating beautifully lit exteriors with a variety of LED lighting fixtures that invite the outdoors into the home.
LED lighting is worth the investment. Why? It can save you money over time by eliminating costly maintenance fees and reducing the amount of energy used.

Here’s a video shows the benefits of LED lighting.

Benefits of using indoor & outdoor LED bar lighting

LED Bar LightingIf you have ever heard of LED lighting, you should have also heard of the different varieties available. There are LED bulbs, bars, strips and other fixtures that are easy to install in many different spots around the house or office. These LED lights are manufactured to consume much lower amounts of energy than incandescent and fluorescent lights. The time and effort it takes to maintain the lights are minimal. Consumers can choose from a range of decorative colors that shine brightly through smoke and rain. Learn why LED bar lights are ideal products to use in indoor and outdoor settings.

The benefits of indoor LED bar lights

  • Small size
    Before you go out and buy bar lights, understand the full benefits of LEDs. These fixtures are made to be small, portable and convenient. Do not worry about having to drag around bulky fixtures that weigh up to a dozen pounds. Many LEDs are only a few inches or millimeters in length, so you can buy strips that are very small or very large.
  • Long lifespan
    The lifespan of the average LED strip is guaranteed to be very long. The average length varies from 30,000 to 50,000 hours. However, an incandescent light lasts for an average of 1,000 hours, and a fluorescent light lasts for nearly 30,000 hours. A LED fixture gets dimmer over time without going dead suddenly. This lifespan is determined using measurements known as lumens.
  • Energy efficient
  • Regularincandescent lightbulbs waste tremendous amounts of energy that is emitted as heat. Only about 10 percent of the energy is used and the rest is released as heat that burns the bulb. LED strip lights are made to stay relatively cool. You do not worry about dropping a lightbecause it is too hot. Also, many LED strips are not made with glass parts, so do not worry about breaking anything. LED lighting is ideal forsports centers and businesses in unsafe parts of town.
  • Reliable Energy Star labeling
    Despite all of these benefits, you do not receive many benefits with poorly made LED lights. These products are not energy efficient orlong lasting. As a buyer, look forthe Energy Star label that shows the lifespan and brightness level. You want a light that emits a clearcolor with a strong brightness that outdoes all fluorescent and incandescent light bulbs. You want the lamp to light up the moment that you turn it on without flickering. 
  • Minimal noise
    Some incandescent and fluorescent lamps are known to emit loud noises like pops and clicks. Over long periods of time, the noises become unbearable and annoying. Some lamps emit a buzzing sound that does not stop unless someone flips the switch off. In a professional work environment, these sounds become too distracting to anyone entering the room. LED strip lightsare not noisy or inconvenient in any way, no matter how you use them.
  • Color variety
    Incandescent and fluorescent light bulbsare sold in simple white and bluish white colors. It is hard to find other color options.There are some lights that emit golden or orange colors,but the majority of them do not. However, LED strips emit a large variety of colors from blue to red to green.Find it easy to choose the colors you need for the Christmas and holiday seasons. When you choose the colors, choose the appropriate levels of brightness. The LED lights vary from low to mid to high levels of brightness. Do not blind anyone who passes by, but do not buy a light that is difficult to see in the dark. Choose the level of brightness that is appropriate for your lighting needs.
  • Eco friendly impact
    Fluorescent bulbs are frowned upon because they contain small traces of mercury. This substance is dangerousto people and the environment. If consumed, mercury causes severe complications to the internal body organs.For that reason, you must not break these light bulbs anddispose of them properly. On the other hand, there is no need to be cautious when using LEDs. Drop any LED lightwithout having it break apart. Do not worry about releasinghazardous particles into the air or water. Rest assured knowing that you do notworsen the pollution of the environment.
  • Simple installation
    LED strip lights are thin and small, sothey are easy to work with. You can handle the installation yourself or have an electrician handle the wiring. Most buyers prefer to install their lights in a few minutes and flip on the switch. So, these products are designed to be efficient in that way.
  • Varying lengths
    Cut your strip lights to any length imaginable. Buy a very long roll that can be cut into dozens of small strips. These lights are flexible, so get creative with the presentation that you want to create.

Indoor applications for LED strips

  • Kitchen
    You need LED strip lights to install anyplace in the kitchen. When you look for online home improvement sites, you see many different options for under counter lighting. Use LED bars when you need to see isolated sections of the kitchen more clearly. Cutting fruits and vegetables on the counter is a dangerous task that requires only the strongest light. Since LED lights are so bright and efficient, they are the best types to use in the kitchen.
  • Shelves
    LED strip lighting is good for attachmentto all kinds of shelves in the home or office. Attach strips to bookshelves if you enjoy late night reading. That way, you do not have to flip the light switch to find the book you want.
  • Bedroom night lights
    Some people use strip lights as night lights in the bedroom. It is also a form of light therapy that soothes people to sleep. Anyone afraid of the night will enjoy using these glow-in-the-dark fixtures that come in different colors. The strips are not too bright either, so people can fall asleep easily.
  • Dark spots and corners – LED Emergency Lighting Solution
    In a large building like a warehouse or garage, you need as much light as you can get. Place LED strips in any dark nook or corner that needs illumination. The strips are flexible and easy to attach anywhere with a strong adhesive on the back. Unlike bulbs, the strips do not emit light that is too blinding or distracting.

The benefits of outdoor LED bar lights

  •  Motor vehicles
    The most common use of outdoor LED bar lights is to illuminate motor vehicles. You will find these LED light bars attached to bumpers on regular cars, trucks, police cars and emergency vehicles. At night, these lights help drivers see the road and other vehicles. The strong beam of light is viewable from a very long distance. Even in the thick fog, these white or multicolored lights are still possible to view.
    If you plan to buy or install LED bar lights, consider the importance of choosing the right size. The very large LED bars are made for large pickup and construction trucks and vehicles of similar sizes. These bars have a series of powerful lamps that last for years of continual use.
    You can even install LED strip lights onto the floors of vehicles. With this light, find it easier to get in and out of the vehicle. Customize your car or truck for the most unique look. The larger the vehicle, the more you benefit from floor strips. The installation is simple, too, and the results last the lifespan of the vehicle. With durable LED products, do not worry about anyone stepping on the strips and cracking them.
    The main point of using outdoor LED bar lights is to catch the attention of people walking and driving by. These lights are made in red, orange, yellow, green and almost every color on the scale. The red bars are associated with fire trucks and ambulances, while the red and blue ones are associated with police cars.
    Some policemen carry portable bars that are kept inside of cop cars. Many bars are permanently attached to the vehicles. When buying vehicle LED bars, work with sellers who specialize in making and selling these lights. Make your selection based on the bar color, length, IP rating and portability.
  • Traffic control
    Police officers and ambulance workers use LED bar lights in their vehicles. However, traffic control operators make good use of mini handheld bars. These professionalsuse flashing or non-flashing bars to control traffic oncongested roads. These people are found near crowded schools, churches and major public events. Some of themare found waving their bars on roads that are under heavy construction.
  • Patios and yards
    LED strip lighting is built into the countless patios and yards of property owners. These strips emit strong beams of light that stay clear and bright through many nights. LED lights are known to be extremely long lasting – as many as 50,000 hours for one device. The waterproof lights are safeto placenext tothe water in a Jacuzzi or pool.
  • Pathways
    Usually, in every yard, there is a pathway. At night, this pathway becomes harder to follow and more dangerous with each step. It is always a good idea to keep a pathway illuminated, even if used at home.Also, illuminate this walkway to make the house look more sophisticated. In a park, build an LED pathway that prevents people from stepping into animal feces or tripping and falling. Help people see through the dark and keep them safe from danger.
  • Outdoor architecture
    There are endless ways to design outdoor architecture with LED lights. Decorating wall lights is one way. You can attach Christmas light fixtures to walls and roofs when it is time for the holidays. First, choose LED strip lights that sustain long-term exposure to heavy rain, flooding and wear and tear. Next, choose the colors and amounts of brightness you need.Take into consideration the amount of rain or smog that could cloud up the view.
    Some outdoor projects require thousands of lights, while others require only a few large lights. Decide the number of fixtures that you need and how you plan to arrange them. Considera variety of techniques from accent to ambient lighting.  Ambient lighting requires a lot of lighting and power. Consider using a dimmer to save power and money. Determine the exact number of feet that you need for large areas. You can always cut the strips to the proper lengths.
  • Signage
    You need signs to promote your personal interests, and other people need signs to promote their businesses. So, everyone needs signs to get their messages across.Attach LED strips to make your existing signs more colorful and eye catching. Have these waterproof lights burn brightly through the heavy rain or snow. Do not worry about your electric bills because most LED lights consume low amounts of electricity. Keep your signs up for as long as you want.

LED lights are ideal for indoor and outdoor areas

LED bars and strips are versatile products that you will find easy to use anywhere. Due to the flexibility of the strips, attach them to the floor of your truck or the ceiling in your bedroom. Also, use strips to line outdoor walkways and pool borders. There are almost no limits to the places that hold LED strips. The bars are commonly found attached to police cars and emergency vehicles. The handheld lights are used by cops and traffic control operators. LED lights are guaranteed to use minimal amounts of energy and last for years of nonstop use. No matter which type of fixture you buy, know that you have access to quality lighting.

Indoor and outdoor lighting are the best of both worlds.

It’s amazing how much it costs to light a home inside and out. And there is a bigger cost than just the money you’re spending on electricity and bulbs. There is also an environmental cost to producing all of that electricity. Lighting is one of the easiest areas to save in. You can start saving a whopping 70-90% right away by simply screwing in new LED or CFL lights.  And if you’re concerned about mercury from CFL bulbs breaking, you can either use a CFL that has a plastic cover or uses an LED bulb instead.

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