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Home Automation Security in Murrieta

home automation securityHome automation security is the wave of the future in the home security industry. Whether you have a large family or are a household of one, home automation security is the attainable solution to your safety and security concerns.

Home automation security are taking center stage in home technology circles for its ability to let homeowners greatly reduce their energy consumption without changing their lifestyle, therefore helping them do their part to slow global warming, as well saving them money.

Home automation security are nothing new, but a recent boom in smart-home tech has thrust it straight into the spotlight. Smart home security is all about keeping you and your family safe around the clock.

Traditional security remains the largest part of the security market, but smart home security is rising the fastest. Home automation is becoming a viable option for older adults and people with disabilities who would prefer to stay in the comfort of their homes rather than move to a healthcare facility. The main objective of home automation and security is to help handicapped and old aged people who will enable them to control home appliances and alert them in critical situations.

Here is a video on how home automation brings benefit to your home.

home automation security

Let’s be honest. We all grew up with inspired dreams of what “the future” would be like.

Hovercars. Jetpacks. Teleportation. Casual space travel.

While those particular innovations might remain beyond our grasp, we can still enjoy a bit of “the future” today with home automation. Put simply, home automation allows you to access and control critical systems and appliances from a remote or centralized location. With a few taps on a touchscreen panel or a couple of voice commands in your home (or even your smartphone!) you can set temperatures, turn off lights, and tweak your home’s security among other options.

While it may sound fancy – and maybe even frivolous – there are very real and immediate benefits to using home automation systems.

  • Convenience – Today’s home automation systems let you manage your home…whether you’re actually at home or not! This means you can turn alarms on or off from your smartphone, or control multiple audio and video devices with one button. If you want something less hands-on, you can easily set timers to turn lights on or off, turn the temperature up or down…or virtually anything else you can think of. For instance – imagine arriving home every evening to complete comfort. The thermostat has already been adjusted to complement the cool night temperatures perfectly. You sit down and touch one button on an advanced remote that turns on your satellite TV, activates your favorite channel and launches your most used audio preset on your surround sound system. Truly automated. Truly amazing.
  • Security – Security these days goes beyond wondering if you remembered to lock the front door or not. Peace of mind is everything, but it’s hard to achieve it when you’re away from home for extended periods of time. But what if you could watch live security camera feeds on your smartphone or laptop while on vacation? Or get alarm alerts immediately? Or turn your security system off if a friend needed to drop by or if backyard critters triggered it too many times? Or have your garage door shut itself if you forgot to close it? Home automation security systems make this all possible and easy.
  • Energy efficiency – Home automation can pay off, literally, in terms of efficiency and energy savings. An intelligent thermostat can not only be set remotely, but can operate on week-long cycles to provide customized efficiency to fit your lifestyle. Throttle your HVAC system down when on vacation, and have it return to your preferred temperature on the day you return. Your house now works with you to manage itself for optimal efficiency. There’s no clearer-cut benefit to home automation.

Of course, these benefits possibly pale compared to the most obvious advantage of home automation: utter coolness and fun!

Many of us already manage our lives through our smartphones and tablets, so extending that to our homes is a natural and enjoyable transition. More home automation manufacturers are designing smartphone apps that allow us to use the devices we already know and love instead of bulky custom controllers with non-intuitive interfaces. So if you think home automation is limited to a huge touchscreen remote that you’ll never use for anything else….think again!

With a broad selection of products, The Home Depot can help you implement home automation all around your house to meet virtually any need.

The Future of Home Automation and Security is here!

The result is a home security system that is not only smart and gives you the peace-of-mind you need for your family’s safety, but also is installed for maximum discretion and awareness so that if something unplanned ever does happen, you can be alerted immediately and capture what happened.

If you are looking for a solution to simplify all of your home functions, home automation and security is the answer. Our Home Automation and Security is a great place to start to customize your connected home! For some home-monitoring options, be sure to visit us or call us here: (951) 805-1262.

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