Energy Efficient Homes – 5 Energy Saving Tips During Global Fuel Crisis

Building Energy Efficient Homes Are Increasingly Important In Murrieta!

Energy Efficient Homes - 5 Energy Saving Tips During Global Fuel CrisisBuilding energy efficient homes is increasingly important. To make the value of high-performance homes visible in the marketplace, energy efficiency programs have a key role to play in making sure the local real estate market understands how the inventory of energy efficient homes is growing. One of the most common logos recognised by customers who seek to have energy efficient homes is that of the energy saving trust.

Solarville energy efficient homes are working to get America off the ground with its alternative home design utilizing solar home methods from the sun for everyone can build a new home and still have a sustainable home with a sense of cottage home feel. Also specifying the correct sizes of systems in airtight, energy efficient homes is important. The first step you need to have in mind concerning energy efficient homes designs.Learning about energy efficient homes is a must if you and your family are to live through the energy crisis that is just beginning.

What is the Energy Crisis?

The energy crisis is the concern that the world’s demands on the limited natural resources that are used to power industrial society are diminishing as the demand rises. These natural resources are in limited supply. While they do occur naturally, it can take hundreds of thousands of years to replenish the stores. Governments and concerned individuals are working to make the use of renewable resources a priority, and to lessen the irresponsible use of natural supplies through increased conservation.

The energy crisis is a broad and complex topic. Most people don’t feel connected to its reality unless the price of gas at the pump goes up or there are lines at the gas station. The energy crisis is something that is ongoing and getting worse, despite many efforts. The reason for this is that there is not a broad understanding of the complex causes and solutions for the energy crisis that will allow for an effort to happen that will resolve it.

How Real is the Energy Crisis?

During election years there is a renewed debate on how “real” the energy crisis is in the world. One side will always say it is based on faulty science and politics; the other will say that the other side is basing their findings on junk science and political interests. The best way to sum up the reality of the energy crisis is that you cannot have growing demands on limited resources without eventually running out of the resource. That is just common sense. What is really at play in the discussion about how real the energy crisis is concerns the perception of responsibility for the future. Read more here.

Energy efficient homes are homes that reduce the amount of energy consumption which in turn reduces amount of greenhouse gas emissions and carbon footprint.

Global Warming Solutions: What You Can Do to Help Solve the Climate Crisis

When considering a problem as vast as global warming, it’s easy to feel overwhelmed and powerless. But we need to resist that response, because this crisis will get resolved only if we as individuals take responsibility. By educating ourselves and others, by doing our part to minimize our use and waste of resources, by becoming more politically active and demanding change — in these ways and many others, each of us can make a difference.

Save Energy at Home

For most Americans, the easiest and most immediate opportunities to reduce emissions can be found right in their own homes. Most greenhouse gas emissions that originate in the home are a product of the fossil fuels burned to generate electricity and heat. Saving energy is not only a good thing to do for the climate crisis: It can also translate to real cost savings. Choosing energy-efficient alternatives for the home can help families cut their energy bills by as much as a third, while reducing greenhouse gas emissions by a similar amount.

Energy-Efficient Lighting
One of the easiest and most cost-effective ways to reduce your energy use and costs is to replace regular incandescent light bulbs with superefficient compact fluorescent light bulbs (CFLs). While CFLs cost more upfront, they last up to 10,000 hours — 10 times longer than incandescent bulbs — and use 66 percent less energy. You can buy CFLs at just about any hardware or retail store. See more here.

Energy efficient homes are a major contributor to reducing your energy costs and effects of global warming and a perfect solution.


Save Money

Most homes run at only about 50% efficiency. This means that half of what you spend on energy is completely wasted.In California, increased energy output can translate into even greater expenses since rates are going up at an alarming rate. To top it off, California uses a tiered system for energy bills, meaning that the more energy you consume, the higher your rate per kilowatt hour.

By making your home an Energy Efficient Home, you can cut your energy expenses by upwards of 75%. Green Home upgrades are also eligible for all kinds of tax incentives and government rebates to save you even more money. Stop throwing money away to the power company. Invest in an Energy Efficient Home instead. Switching to an Energy Efficient Home will offset energy consumption by the equivalent of taking 8 cars off the road for 25 years.

Save the Planet

Many people don’t realize how much energy having a Green Home can actually save. That’s why we put it into terms that everyone can understand. Over the course of 25 years, upgrading to an Energy Efficient Home with Zero Energy Contracting will save the energy equivalent of 135 barrels of oil. By converting to a Green Home, you’ll counter as much carbon in the atmosphere as you would by planting 48 acres of trees. Read full article here.

Energy Efficient Homes Is A Must

Perhaps homeowners who care about efficiency are more fiscally responsible and are therefore more likely to repay their loan; maybe those living in energy efficient homes are happier and stay in their homes longer, or maybe education level plays a role. Energy efficient homes are being designed and built more regularly throughout the universe, with the government continually looking to reduce carbon emissions in the construction industry year by year. Homebuyers who choose energy efficient homes can afford to spend more on their mortgage loan because they will likely spend less on their energy costs.

Energy efficient homes can save you money, reduce environmental impact, and make your home safer and more comfortable. Energy efficient homes are not just for people who build new, of course, if we were all in a position to build our own new home, you would look at the most environmentally sustainable, low-cost, low-emission house that would also be a pleasure to live in. Building high performance, energy efficient homes is our standard practice, benefiting our homeowner’s wallets you may call us here: (951) 805-1262  for more ideas.

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