Ceiling Fan Installation Murrieta

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Why Install a Ceiling Fan in
Your Murrieta Home or Office?

Ceiling Fans Are Not Just About Cooling

Ceiling fans provide a great way to reduce costly cooling AND heating bills as well as become beautiful design additions with or without lighting to just about any room in your house. In the summer they render a cool breeze, and in the wintertime they help utilize warm air trapped near the top of a room by moving it downward.

Ceiling Fan Installation Supports

Do you have the right support for a ceiling fan? Ceiling Fan Installation murrietaWhen installing a ceiling fan it is crucial to make sure you have a suitable support box in place and install the fan in accordance with its specifications. Ceiling fans are major appliances suspended over your head so you don’t want to take any chances with the installation.

RJL Certified electricians have installed hundreds of ceiling fans and know how to do it right the first time. As well, we warranty all our work for life. We always inspect the existing box before installing a ceiling fan and we never cut corners by installing a plastic or Non UL listed box. Call RJL today to schedule your ceiling fan installation in your Murrieta Home or Business: (951) 805-1262

Ceiling Fan Installation with No Previous Ceiling Light

No support box in the ceiling? No problem. We can install a ceiling fan in any room in your house or business office even if there is no fan or light currently in a room’s ceiling. Your Murrieta RJL Electrician will put in a new box, pull in a new wiring, assemble and install your ceiling fan fan. If you already have a fan that operates on a pull chain, we can install new independent switches for the fan and light.

We can install ceiling fans at any height in your home. Our electricians have specialized ladders that can reach even the highest ceilings safely and without damaging your floors or walls. It is important to check the insurance of any electrician before authorizing the installation of a high ceiling fan or fixture in your home. It is dangerous work and you want to make sure you are protected if something goes wrong.

Need a remote control with your new ceiling fan installation? We carry ceiling fan remote control kits on our trucks and are ready to install yours when we come out to your home. Ceiling fan remotes are a great way to control the speed of your ceiling fan without having to reach for the pull chains. Ceiling fan remotes also have dimmers built-in for setting the right mood.


Of course we can handle your ceiling fan electrical repairs as necessary: (951) 805-1262