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Electrician/Electrical Terms and Acronyms

Electrical Terms | We will be using a lot of Electrical related terms and acronyms in our posts here in our “RJL Electrical Contracting Blog”.

Some terms you may be familiar with but since you are not an Electrical Contractor, with most terms that will not be the case.

Electrical Terms Pop Up
Electrical Terms Questions

In many cases where we use Electrical or Electrician terms we will define a term or acronym with a pop over Tool Tip.

What is a Tool Tip? Mouse Over This >>> When you mouse over a tool tip the definition of the term will pop up like this. This is a Tool Tip

However with the some of the terms in our Electric and Solar blog, the definition will be too long to use a tool tip. In those cases, the term or acronym will be linked to an appropriate article, page or glossary of terms where you can find the full definition or diagrams like the one…

Below . . . Our “Electrical Terms” Category will NOT be a Complete Glossary of Terms

We will only be defining terms or acronyms we use in our posts here in our “Electrician Terminology” category posts. With that said; should you have any questions regarding any of our publications, feel free to ask us a question using our “Contact Us” form.

3rd Party References: in many cases a picture of an item referred to using a term or acronym will help to give you a better idea of the term’s definition.

References such as the Visual Dictionary below. Just click on the image for more information.

Electrical Panel Terms Defined

We look forward to your readership, questions and comments.

So remember you can ask questions in a comment reply at the bottom of each blog article post or use our “Contact Us” form. We will reply no later than the end of the following business day.

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