Electrical Service Upgrade For Safe And Uninterrupted Energy Consumption

An Electrical Service Upgrade Is A Safety Necessity In Murrieta

Electrical Service Upgrade for Safe and Uninterrupted Energy ConsumptionElectrical service upgrade is not only necessary to meet current electrical needs, it is a requirement for safety. At the most, a sheer investment in electrical service upgrade is always worth ensuring the superior safety of your home and family. An additional reason for an electrical service upgrade is when it is insufficient for the homes needs.
An electrical service upgrade is required whenever a new load is introduced to the existing electrical system. An electrical service upgrade is often the best long-term solution for these and other issues with your home’s electrical system. The best time to consider an electrical service upgrade is during a renovation or remodeling project. There’s no getting away from the fact that a household electrical service upgrade is expensive and can also cause a great deal of disruption to your daily routine.

So you’ve heard of a panel upgrade, but you aren’t sure what it is, if you need it, or how to get one? Don’t worry. We’ve got all the answers to your questions right here.

What is a panel upgrade?

A panel upgrade is simply changing your electrical panel (or main service panel), found within a painted grey or metal box, containing your home’s fuses/circuit breakers.

Why do I need an electric panel upgrade?

In order to keep your system up-to-code and your family safe, a new electric panel upgrade is sometimes necessary. Adding solar panels to your home means more energy will be produced and circulated through your home—sometimes more energy than your current, often older, electrical panel can handle. This is due to the increased amperage of your solar energy system in comparison to traditional electricity. See more here.

The electrical service upgrade is expressed through Amps (Amperes) and this is limited by the main breaker ampacity such as 200A or100A.

Need a Heavy Up? 3 Reasons You Need Your Electric Panel Upgraded!

What Is A Heavy Up?

A heavy up is another term for an electrical panel upgrade. These upgrades enhance the electrical panel’s capacity for more energy, as well as making it safer to operate a variety of electronic devices in your home. When you have a Heavy Up, you’ll notice a number of awesome benefits that will effect your home’s electrical service.

So without further adieu, here are our top 3 reasons why you need an electrical panel upgrade!

1. Improved Electrical Performance
If you’ve noticed your lights dim or flicker when you turn on certain appliances, or your breaker trips for no reason, you’re in need of a heavy up. The upgrade to your electrical panel will solve these common problems and provide a more steady and consistent energy supply throughout your home.

2. Electrical System Safety
If your home is working off of an older electrical panel, there’s a huge risk of overloading, which means there’s an electrical need that your current panel can’t provide. This can be a major fire hazard which, of course, could prove dangerous for your home and your family. Check more here.

Possible situations when you need electrical service upgrade are installing new electronics and appliances, power overload, old or damaged electrical panel or fuse box, or insufficient electricity supply.


A solid upgrade performed by a reliable electrical contractor can help out your home in innumerable ways. If you’re experiencing problems with your electrical system, or even if your system is working fine but relies on older technology, you may want to seriously consider replacing your electric panel with an updated model. “What are the benefits of upgrading my electrical service panel?” We’ve provided a quick outline below.

In the first place, upgrading your electrical system may be legally necessary, since older models may no longer adhere to modern statues and codes. Generally speaking, if your panel still uses fuses and other outdated equipment, it likely isn’t up to code and will require replacing.

The reasons why fold into another huge benefit to upgrading your panel: safety. Old or worn service panels could cause an overload, shorting out your electricity and/or possibly causing a fire. A newer panel can provide increased safety to your home, as well as the convenience of being able to handle your electrical load adequately. A new electrical panel may also save you money in electrical bills, since it. Read full article here.

A Home With An Electrical Service Upgrade Is A Safe Home

Electrical panel and service upgrades can keep your family safe. A house electrical service upgrade can be messy and expensive, but the cost to upgrade electrical service is necessary to protect the value of your home. An electrical service upgrade can handle more power in amps and provide more circuit capacity for your current and future needs.
An electrical service upgrade can better ensure the safety of those who occupy your commercial structure or facility. If an electrical service upgrade is in your plans, leave your electrical work to the professionals. Our experienced certified electricians can thoroughly inspect your home or business to determine if an electrical service upgrade is needed, call us here: (951) 805-1262.

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