A Few Electrical Safety Violations That Could Cost You

An Electrical Safety Violations Are Serious Safety Issues In Murrieta!

A Few Electrical Safety Violations That Could Cost YouElectrical safety violations are serious safety issues and need to be corrected quickly by a qualified electrician. Without question, electrical safety violations are one of the most common errors inspectors will find during a final inspection walk. Electrical safety violations are often committed by unreliable builders or workers.

The bottom line is, electrical safety violations are too expensive to ignore or attempt to get away with. Electrical safety violations are dangerous and can cause everything from degraded TV image quality to electrical shocks and home fires. Building and electrical safety violations are very serious problems.

Electrical safety violations can not only increase the risk of safety problems, but they also put homes and businesses on the line for substantial fees and fines.

Does your home violate your local building code?

If you are looking to remodel, expand or sell your home, there’s a good chance you will have a close encounter with your local building code. These laws can be extensive, confusing and change frequently. The code is there for your safety, but it can still be frustrating to deal with. Older homes in particular are likely to have outdated technology that wouldn’t pass a current inspection. Before embarking on a project, take time to understand what the laws are and how they can affect you.

What Is Building Code?
Just about anything you want to do to your home beyond cosmetic changes probably has a corresponding law. Building code covers a number of standards mostly related to safety, including but not limited to HVAC, the electric system, plumbing, the structural integrity of the building and fire safety. If you own a rental unit, there are probably additional standards that you are required to meet before accepting tenants.

Of course, specific housing codes vary by municipality, although most are based on models like the International Residential Code and the National Electric Code. Go to your city or town  website or visit the building department for more information. You can also look up many city and municipality codes from around the country on a website called Municode. See more here.

Electrical safety violations can put your property and family at risk for electrical fires and malfunctions and can cause a wide variety of problems.

4 Most Common Code Violations: Is Your House To Code?

There are certain rules in life we must follow and certain rules we “bend.” While many homeowners consider many house codes in the latter, it’s still important to know what rules your home is in fact breaking. Perhaps the main reason many homeowners put off code fixes is because you do not fully understand how to fix or prevent them. Fear not, as we dive into four of the most popular code violations.

  1. Service Panels
    To no surprise, one of the most common code violations deals with your service panel. As we add more and more electricity to the home, our electric panels, as well as the area around it, get crowded. Just like an exit route, the area must be free of any debris.Additionally, all circuits should be labeled and the main disconnect needs to always be free and clear. This way, you can quickly turn off your entire electrical system in case of an emergency.
  2. Smoke Alarms
    We have all done it. We accidently cooked the chicken a little longer or left the oven open too long and the smoke alarm goes off. Sometimes, it continues to beep even after waving a towel to get rid of the “smoke.” Sadly, most people then take out the batteries. Removing batteries should never be an option with a smoke alarm. It needs to be on and functioning at all times.Furthermore, every bedroom in the home is required to have a hard-wired smoke alarm in the room as well as the hallways outside all sleeping areas. Read more here.

Some unexplained electrical problems or whether your last amateur attempt to fix that old light switch gave you more of a shock than you bargained for, electrical safety violations can put your family at risk as well as your home.

Bleeding money: how much does safety really cost?

Direct costs

These expenses include the obvious accounts that are easy to calculate and tend to be associated with the immediate, or close to immediate, reaction to an incident. They include:

Medical Treatment. When workers get hurt the injuries must be treated. Spiraling medical costs are at the forefront of most businesses and yet, strangely, few connect injuries with medical costs. The cost of medical treatment for injuries generates an easily quantifiable effect on the company bottom line, yet many companies fail to see the connection. Everything from Band-Aids and aspirin to surgeries, casts and crutches should be included in this calculation.

Fines. As much as manufacturers want to do the “right thing” to protect workers (and in some industries their customers), regulatory fines have the most pronounced influence on whether or not hazards are corrected in a timely manner. Fire code violations, governmental citations, and fines associated with injuries all fall under the umbrella of “fines.” Each should be tabulated into the overall cost of injuries.

Wages for Medical Personnel. A significant cost of an unsafe workplace involves the wages to plant nurses and doctors, or the annual fees paid to clinics for those facilities without on-site medical departments. These expenses are often incurred whether or not any medical care is actually provided. That said, the more unsafe the workplace, the larger the medical infrastructure. Read full article here.

Electrical Safety Violations Can Cost You Alot Of Money

We advise that all electrical safety violations are corrected as soon as possible to keep your family safe from fire hazards and electrical shock. Electrical safety violations can cause you all sorts of grief, not to mention cost you money. Electrical safety violations can mean time-consuming and costly repairs, as well as fines.

Electrical safety violations can lead to fines and put the entire house and family at risk. Fortunately, most electrical safety violations can be remedied rather quickly due to the exceptional skills of professionally trained and licensed electricians. Once an electrical safety violation is issued there is a set time that a property owner has to hire a licensed electrical contractor, call us here: (951) 805-1262.

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