Electrical Safety Rules To Remember

Electrical Safety Rules Is Important In Murrieta!

Ways to Be Safe Around Electricity: Electrical Safety Rules to RememberTeaching and helping them learn Electrical safety rules is very important. Electrical safety is the responsibility of everyone involved, so never take shortcuts or skip cautionary steps when on the job. Electrical safety is extremely important in these situations, especially in the event of heavy rains and flooding.
Electrical safety rules are simple but important for children. Electrical safety is crucial in any circumstance, whether that be at work or at home. To identify and address electrical safety issues, a thorough and professional electrical safety inspection is needed. Electrical safety is important in every work environment.

The electrical safety rules are designed to enable suppliers to meet their obligation to source and supply electrically safe products.

The Importance of an electrical safety inspection

You may be wonder what an electrical safety inspection is. It is an inspection carried out by a licensed A-Grade electrician that assesses the condition of all existing electrical installations within and surrounding the home or business. The electrician is able to find out any electrical safety concerns in line with the Electrical Safety ACT, Electrical Installations Regulations and Wiring Rules which may be a risk to the occupants.

Why do I need an Electrical Safety Inspection?

A study by Master Electricians Australia shows that on average, 15 people are killed in Australia each year from electrical related accidents at their homes. On top of that, around 300 people are hospitalised with serious burns or other electrical related injuries.

From a commercial point of view, between 2003 and 2013, Safe Work Australia documented that there were 129 fatalities in Australia which were caused by “contact with electricity“. That is an average of 13 fatalities per year. Furthermore, there are thousands of fires that destroy both homes and business each year that have started because of electrical related accidents. Check more here.

Electrical Safety Rules are part of a suite of related systems and controls that are key components of a company’s Safe System of Work.

15 Safety Precautions When Working With Electricity

It’s vitally important to take safety precautions when working with electricity. Safety must not be compromised and some ground rules need to be followed first. The basic guidelines regarding safe handling of electricity documented below will help you while working with electricity.

1. Avoid water at all times when working with electricity. Never touch or try repairing any electrical equipment or circuits with wet hands. It increases the conductivity of electric current.

2. Never use equipment with frayed cords, damaged insulation or broken plugs.

3. If you are working on any receptacle at your home then always turn off the mains. It is also a good idea to put up a sign on the service panel so that nobody turns the main switch ON by accident.

4. Always use insulated tools while working.

5. Electrical hazards include exposed energized parts and unguarded electrical equipment which may become energized unexpectedly. Read more here.

Hire a qualified electrician if you aren’t confident in your own abilities, and ensure that all legal requirements related to electrical safety are adhered to.

Top 10 Electrical Safety Tips

We may think we know all there is to know about the dangers of electrical mishaps, but there are still electrical safety rules to be strictly observed.

Here are some tips to help you maintain proper caution, to help keep you and your family safe around the house, and to avoid electrical fires and accidents:

1 Make it a habit to turn off electric games and appliances when they’re not in use. Before going to bed, make it a routine to check that all electrical devices not in use are properly shut off.

2 Never ever overload sockets. It’s a safe bet to always use just one plug in every socket. Even if you are using the adapter make sure it’s the bar type that also has a fuse. The total output of all plugs in the adapter should be no more than the specified rating.

3 Adding a residual current device is an easy way to cut off power and prevent shocks. Another sensible option is to fix one on the fuse box. Alternately, you can choose a portable one, which are ideal for outdoor jobs such as using the lawnmower or vacuum cleaner. See full article here.

Electrical Safety Rules Are To Be Made Mandatory

Fire and electrical safety rules are important considerations in reducing property risks and hazards to occupants. some of the best teachable moments about electrical safety can happen in and around your home. Increasing electrical safety can reduce accidents and financial losses. Practicing proper electrical safety will greatly reduce the chance of electrocution or fires.
Electrical accidents can cause burns, shocks, and electrocution, and without the proper electrical safety can lead to fatal accidents in a worst case scenario. Electrical safety rules can be overwhelming at times, but it can be life-saving. The fundamentals of electrical safety can be overlooked, especially by seasoned electricians, call us here: (951) 805-1262.

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