Electrical Safety First: Protect Your Home And Family

Electrical Safety First in Murrieta Homes

electrical safety firstElectrical safety first can seem like common sense, but it is surprising how many of us fail to follow basic safety guidelines. Understanding the importance of electrical safety first, how to recognize the forms that electrical safety can undertake, and providing resources for implementing electrical safety in one’s work are all required to institute an electrical safety program.

Whether at home or in a working environment, it’s vital that you undertake as many precautions as possible to ensure that electrical safety first can be assured. Practicing proper electrical safety will greatly reduce the chance of electrocution or fires.

Personal Risk Management: Electrical Safety At Home

Electrical Safety FirstCharging your phone, making coffee, doing laundry, watching TV, working on the computer, simply turning on a light…you use electricity in so many ways each and every day. But the dangers associated with electricity – fires, accidents, electrocutions – pose a significant risk to your home and family.

The National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) reports an average of 47,820 reported home structure fires annually involving electrical failure or malfunction. These fires caused 455 deaths, 1,518 injuries, and over $1.5 billion in direct property damage.

Many of these fires and other electrical accidents can be prevented by understanding and following basic electrical safety practices. Consider the following tips and resources to help make electrical safety part of your personal risk management strategy. Continue here

Finding what areas in your home that are at the most risk, and coming up with a solution to improve the electrical safety will help to avoid accidents and injuries so everyone can be safer at home.

Electrical Safety at home- know where the dangers are

We all want to make sure we do everything in our control to prevent accidents and reduce the risk of injury to ourselves and our families. Reminding ourselves of the little things is one way we can help reduce the risk of electrical fires in our homes.  NB Power spoke to the Fredericton Fire Department Deputy Chief David McKinley to gain some insight into common causes of house fires and the little things people can do to avoid them.

Let’s start with the basics.

Check your smoke detectors.  Be sure to have one on every level of your house and change the batteries every six months. If you burn wood or have propane or natural gas for a heat source, make sure you have a Carbon Monoxide detectors installed with digital display.

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Some of the best teachable moments about electrical safety can happen in and around your home like knowing your electrical system.

If you’re building or remodeling, check out this expert advice on planning your home’s electrical system.

Electrical System Components

The electrical system consists of the line from the pole, a meter where electrical usage is tallied, a main circuit breaker panel (sometimes called “load centers” and, in older homes, fuse panels), separate wiring circuits to all the rooms in the home, outlets, light fixture boxes, and various hard-wired appliances.

Know the basics of electrical safety will help to reduce your risk and protect your family.

Our home is laced with an intricate network of wires that we never see but heavily depend on. Now that you know all these helpful tips, stay on top of the sparks and head off the heat with qualified help.

Additionally, if you haven’t had your property checked by a qualified electrician for a few years, it’s time you did. A household electrical safety check will set you back very little, but they save lives. Call us (951) 805-1262 today to schedule an appointment.

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