Electrical Safety Advice in Murrieta

Electrical Safety Advice in Murrieta Homes and Business

electrical safety adviceFollowing basic electrical safety advice is crucial after all, you never know who worked on the wiring for you. One of the most important electrical safety advice is that to make certain that the electrical circuit is opened using proper test equipment.

Whether you are looking into a brand new home, or you are maintaining your home, these electrical safety advice are very important to keep in mind. The following electrical safety advice is written so that the person working on electrical equipment will become more aware of what they are doing so they may do it safely. 

Electrical Safety Tips

electrical-safety-adviceWhen installing or using your electrical system, there is always the chance of shock. Now there will be some DIYers who are comfortable with basic wiring practices; however, unless you’re absolutely qualified for system installation, DIY recommends you leave the installation of your home’s electrical system to licensed electricians.

Not only will a licensed electrician make sure your electrical system meets with all required safety codes, they can also oversee the installation of common safety products. For example, one of the most common items added to your electrical system is a ground fault circuit interruptor — or GFCIs for short.

By installing a ground fault circuit interruptor — or ground fault circuit breakers — you can protect areas that may be moist, such as bathrooms and kitchens. A ground fault interruptor is an electrical device designed to protect you from serious injury due to shock.

GFCIs constantly monitor the electricity flowing in a circuit. Should that current be interrupted for any reason — or waver by even the slightest amount — the GFCI will instantly shut down the current flowing through that circuit.

Note: A GFCI will respond to a current variation too small for even a circuit breaker or fuse to detect.

Along with GFCIs there are a number of simple precautions you can take at home that will prevent injuries related to your home’s electrical systems. Here’s a rundown:

  • Always remove cords from a socket by grabbing the plug. Never tug on an appliance cord. Removing cords in this fashion can lead to fraying, and frayed cords can cause electrical shock.
  • Frayed cords that are under or on carpet can cause a fire and should be replaced or repaired.
  • Always use the recommended wattage bulb in lamps and light fixtures.
  • Avoid using electrical appliances in wet places. If you must work in a wet or damp area, always use a portable GFCI outlet for the needed appliance.
  • Never overload an outlet.

Ignoring this electrical safety tips can result in property damage and may result in a fire. Not following basic electrical safety tips can also lead to fires, which can put your home, workplace, possessions, family members, and co-workers in danger. These electrical safety tips can help you and your family prevent the dangers that can come from faulty wiring and other electrical hazards.

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