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Commercial Lighting Contractor Lays Out the Old Lighting Problems and Solutions

Old Style Lighting Energy Costs | The Problems

Commercial Lighting | Correct and efficient energy management is every business owner’s responsibility. And not just to reduce energy consumption but also to see a better RETURN ON INVESTMENT for your commercial property. Of course lighting can account for half or more of your energy costs.

As well did you know your lighting may be increasing your air conditioning costs by as much as 20%. As many hot months as we endure in Murrieta every year, that fact alone should warrant you at least considering the benefits of retrofitting your commercial buildings lighting system to be more energy efficient.

So it should be obvious why new commercial building lighting plans include all LED Lighting.

Lighting LED Retrofits for Commercial Applications

Retrofit LED Commercial Lighting

Do LED Lights Really Last a Decade or More? ABSOLUTELY! And Use LESS Energy!

A lighting retrofit makes your lighting more energy efficient by upgrading the lamps or fixtures to accommodate more energy efficient LED light bulbs. Energy savings can often offset the cost of these projects over time. Many utility companies even have rebates for this kind of project.

Commercial Lighting Utility Company Rebates

Most commercial business properties are eligible for lighting retrofit rebates, which make it possible to update your lighting for little or no out of pocket expense. New energy efficient LED California lighting retrofits come with manufacturer warranties, making your lighting system maintenance free for five years, ten years, or longer. Check out the California Statewide Qualified LED Product List for details.

New LED Lighting Retrofits have Almost Instant Payoffs

Depending on the size of your operation an LED retrofit can potentially put thousands of dollars back on your company’s bottom line every month. Retrofitting your property’s lighting system will reduce green house emissions and your carbon footprint making your commercial property qualify as Eco-Friendly Green. Lighting retrofits can be fully deductible when they are completed.

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