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3 Types of Lighting For Your Home

Types of Lighting in Murrieta

types of lightingThree essential types of lighting are Ambient, Task and Accent, sometimes called the triple crown of interior illumination. Each of these types of lighting is needed to create a mood that elevates a space merely from good to great.

Whether ambient, task, accent or a combination of all three types of lighting is present, each serves its own purpose to make your home more functional, to evoke a mood and to add drama and contrast to particular elements. READ MORE…

Choose the Right Lighting for Your Home

Lighting in Murrieta Homes and Business

lightingMost modern electric lighting is powered by centrally generated electric power, but lighting may also be powered by mobile or standby electric generators or battery systems. Due to the relatively high cost per watt, LED lighting is most useful at very low powers, typically for lamp assemblies of under 10 W. The light output of single LED is less than that of incandescent and compact fluorescent lamps; in most applications multiple LEDs are used to form a lamp, although high-power versions (see below) are becoming available.

In the long run LED, light are more economical than fluorescent tubes as they save electricity not only when the light is on but even during the trickle charging of the batteries. LED light are brighter, have a longer life, use less power and produce less heat.  READ MORE…