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A Bright Idea! Use Custom Kitchen Lighting To Make Life Easier

6 Ideas To Custom Kitchen Lighting!

A Bright Idea! Use Custom Kitchen Lighting to Make Life EasierLight is an element that has enchanted man from the moment he discovered it. Light is related to wisdom, the new, the incredible, the good and the dazzling. In decoration, custom kitchen lighting does not only add lights so you can see in your rooms at night, it is also an important element to create specific environments, to give personality to the rooms, to decorate, and even to renew.

A simple change in direction, color, intensity or light source can completely transform your spaces. In your kitchen, the light helps you to decorate, to create a warm atmosphere, and even to make your dishes more delicious. After all, from sight comes love, and enjoying a dish in the dark would take away a little flavor.

There are different types of lighting, which depend, most of the time, on the color, intensity, and direction of the light. In the custom kitchen lighting, we can use these three aspects to illuminate some corners and leave others with a dim light. Remember that in the light of day love is born easier, but that it is probably more complicated to cook. Below we give you 6 tips on how to use lighting in your kitchen to achieve a special atmosphere and make the most of each bright spot. Dazzle your family with these incredible tips!

1. Stars on the roof

Love makes us see stars, and the food is a great symbol of love. So if you want your dishes to know a bit of heaven, you can place some bright spots, like stars, on your ceiling. This type of lighting will serve you for modern kitchens, which have a lighting even, and clear. You can use LED lamps for custom kitchen lighting, in addition, will help you save energy, perform more and have a wider light spectrum. If you want a sophisticated lighting you can place several lines, along with the ceiling, as in this design of Arketipo Architecture Workshop, and if you want more dramatic lighting you can place them on the same line, closer together but with greater distance between the parallel lines.

2. Light up your island

Having an island in the kitchen can be useful for many things. Sometimes we place it as a designated area for food preparation, other times for food, and sometimes for a little of both. But no matter what you use it for, you will surely need light to be able to fully carry out your activities, be it eating or preparing. And one way to transform your island into the heart of your kitchen is by placing a source of your own custom kitchen lighting. You can place ceiling lamps, like in this Kabaz design, or install some lights under the countertop of your kitchen. This light will create a focus of attention in the center of the kitchen, and everything you place on your island will shine with an artistic touch, by special lighting.

3. Elegance and distinction

The chandeliers are a distinguished and elegant lighting by nature. His designs, mainly in glass, have a colonial image that manages to make any space, however simple, look like the great French salons. An example we see here in this image, which combines neutral colors, in a discreet design with a candelabra and a sculpture that makes space a very elegant and distinguished place, where your family can enjoy a meal of kings.

4. Pendant lights

Spotlights placed near the ceiling have been left in the past. The new trend is the built-in spotlights or the ceiling lamps that hang like beautiful slopes in the atmosphere of your kitchen. This type of lamps is ideal for an industrial style since they have a minimalist and sophisticated look. The most popular designs in this type of custom kitchen lighting lamps are geometric figures, whether half spheres, as in this proposal by Romero de la Mora, cylinders or even simply lines. You can transform your kitchen from classic to modern with a minimum investment. And to give a more personalized touch you can use the different types of spotlights, although the most recommended are the yellow lights.

5. Light up your pot rack

Formerly the use of a pot rack or an area where you can hang your kitchen utensils was very common. In this way we could save space, and keep utensils away from dirt, and especially very close at hand. Currently, the use of these instruments has become less popular, but the truth is that they continue to be enormously useful when ordering your kitchen. And if you need space, then you could install some hooks and bars to hang your pans there, and for this technique look modern uses lighting. Either around the structure, as in this design proposed by the firm CCD Architects, or by inserting the spotlights with the same hooks. Your kitchen will look very original, modern and above all more organized with this lighting, call us here: (951) 805-1262.

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