Is There a Smart Home in Your Future?

A Smart Home Can Make Your Life Easier In Murrieta!

Is There a Smart Home in Your FutureA smart home is more than simply having a few connected devices in the home that make certain elements of home life easier. A smart home is any home that uses devices or appliances that connect to the internet. One of the greatest aspects of having a smart home is the interconnected experience it provides.

An emerging important feature of a smart home is conservation of the earth’s limited resources. A smart home is a house that can be controlled via your smartphone, tablet, laptop, etc. A smart home is any home outfitted with specific home automation technology to provide better comfort and convenience for the homeowner.To put it simply, a smart home is the one equipped with appliances, lighting, heating, air conditioning, security camera systems and other smart home devices that can be controlled remotely by your phone or computer.

When It Comes to Smart Homes, the Future Is Already Here

Imagine coming home from work and unlocking your front door with your smartphone instead of digging around for your keys. Once you’re inside, the lights come on automatically and your latest favorite musical playlist starts playing over your speakers.

Your voice-activated virtual assistant serves as your universal remote — controlling your TV, lights, temperature, blinds, multiple speakers throughout the home, home-security system and so on. There’s no more worrying whether you left the lights or the stove on, or the front door unlocked; you can double- and triple-check remotely via smartphone to your heart’s content.

In the morning, your coffee is ready by the time your feet hit the floor. Once you’ve made it to the kitchen, a morning traffic and weather report automatically plays through your speakers, advising you when to head out to make it to work on time. And, if the mail carrier tries to deliver a package while you’re out, you can use your smart doorbell to tell them where to securely leave it. Check more here.

A smart home is a building made from scratch that is wired with a special kind of wiring which allows its residents to use all the basic functions of their home from any remote location via applications on their smartphones.

Smart Homes of the Future Will Know Us by Our Heartbeats

KEVIN FOREMAN BELIEVES that homes will soon become intelligent enough to distinguish between family members and guests within physical spaces and adapt to individual needs based on biometrics like fingerprints, body temperatures and even the rhythm of our own heartbeats.

In the very near future as you walk through your home, a small device worn around the wrist will authenticate your identity by pairing itself to your specific heartbeat, allowing your home to automatically adjust the lighting, room temperature and play custom music based on personalized preferences and pre-configured profiles.

While this may sound like some futuristic mash-up of daily life straight out of Oblivion, Iron Man or even The Jetsons, it’s really not so far off and indeed, several companies are already pouring millions of dollars into developing technologies that seamlessly integrate our digital and physical worlds within our cars and homes. Read more here.

A Smart Home is one that provides its home owners comfort, security, energy efficiency (low operating costs) and convenience at all times, regardless of whether anyone is home.

7 Future Home Technologies You Should Know In Advance

A lot of the futuristic technology we see in sci-fi movies is so amazing it’s hard to imagine that it may someday exist in our homes. In reality, it may exist already. Modern technology has advanced to the point where we can now control our TVs, lights and even our thermostats from our smartphone. That’s just the tip of the iceberg.

Here are seven future home technologies that everyone should know about.

1. Automated Robots

We are still a long way from a full-featured, humanoid-like robot that can operate freely. That said, automated robots already exist and are being used in a lot of homes today. Devices like the iRobot and Neato are designed to autonomously travel around your home and clean the floors. That’s about as far as we’ve come for consumer-based robots anyway.

2. Smart Appliances

As our devices such as our phones, watches and even jewelry become smarter and smarter, we’ll all begin to realize the benefits of owning smart appliances. Imagine a refrigerator that can have a nice glass of water waiting for you when you get to the kitchen — ordered directly from your mobile phone. Think of how awesome an internet-ready microwave would be — automatically tweeting out your quick meal to the world. Okay, so that last example was more of a joke but you get the point. See full article here.

The Benefits Of A Smart Home Are Increasing Every day

If a smart home is something you and your family would enjoy, it might be worth it. One of the advantages of a Smart Home is all those dollar bills you’ll be saving. The top choices for creating a smart home are locks and alarms, thermostats and fans, and lighting.

The top benefits of a smart home are a convenience, energy efficiency, and security. Some of the benefits of having a Smart Home are the ability to make life easier and more convenient. From advanced climate control to improved security and safety, the benefits of a smart home are limitless, call us here: (951) 805-1262.

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